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Make My Marvel! – Madame Masque

Mid-to-late August sees the start of Mammary Month at Make My Marvel!  Let’s kick things off with Iron Man’s sometimes-squeeze/sometimes-foe/sometimes-morning-regret, Madame Masque!

Make My Marvel! – Madame Masque

Whitney Frost is the daughter of famed criminal and Maggia Crime Syndicate head, Count Nefaria.  Following the death of Whitney’s mother, Nefaria sent his daughter to be raised by a wealthy, respectable family.  When her biological family’s criminal past was in danger of being revealed, her fiance, a politician with a promising career, dumped her like that chilli you had this afternoon.

Disenfranchised, Whitney fully accepted her roots by choosing to run the Maggia’s American branch.  When Count Nefaria was imprisoned, Whitney took over control of the entire criminal operation.  While fleeing from the authorities, Whitney was nearly killed in a plane crash.  Though she survived, her face was horribly disfigured.  Thus, she donned a golden mask, becoming Madame Masque (natch).

Following acts of compassion towards her by her bitter enemy Iron Man, Masque began an intermittant romantic relationship with the hero.  Her criminal past made matters difficult and Masque eventually returned to her place as head of the Maggia.  An expert in firearms and the martial arts, Masque has taken to surrounding herself with robots and clones of herself.

How it’s made: Repaint nearly any pre-existing, plain female body with added rubber pouches/belts and a newly-sculpted M. Masque head.  Using the new 2-pack format, include her with post-armor wars II shellhead, give her 2 heads (1 full mane, 1 ponytail) and lotsa guns.

Which version of Madame Masque do you most want made for Marvel Legends?

Classic 1

Classic 2

Leggy McScullcap

Melvira, Mistress of the Mark


*Images purloined with love from Comicvine*


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