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Make My Marvel! – Swarm

After much hitting of the fan by various substances MMM! is back with the character most requested by readers (all five of you): Swarm!

Make My Marvel! – Swarm

Fritz von Meyer was a Nazi scientist who escaped justice by fleeing to South America at the end of the second World War.  There he spent his time studying the mating habits of a highly intelligent species of killer bees.  Fritz soon discovered that a nearby fallen meteor was the source of the bees’ intellect.  Like any good Nazi, Fritz built a device in order to control the bees for his own nefarious purposes.  Instead, the bees turned on Fritz and tore his body to shreds.  During the process, his consciousness was bonded into the swarm.  Kinky stuff.

Going with the obvious non de plume, Swarm soon came to the attention of Interpol.  An agent captured the queen bee of Swarm’s hive and brought it to America.  There, Swarm caught up with him and, in a confrontation with several heroes, mutated the bee to monstrous proportions.  When the queen was again separated from Fritz, the swarm followed leaving nothing but a skeleton behind.

Unfortunately, another queen remained, hiding inside Fritz’s skull.  It later awoke and instantaneously produced another massive swarm, recreating Swarm.  This time he came up against Spider-man, who eventually did defeat Fritz and his giant bee hive.  The Monarch would approve– of the hive, not the defeat.  Again separated from his skeleton, Fritz’s consciousness this time moved on with the bees.  Thus, future incarnations of the Swarm would be entired composed of the insects.  Since then, Swarm has returned several times, being defeated by the likes of the Champions, Dr. Druid, and, most recently, the Runaways.

Which version of the Swarm, would you most like made for Marvel Legends?

Classic (bees)

Classic (skeletal)

Ultimate Swarm

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