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CC20: Unsung Villains

The release of NECAs Mirage style of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has
brought us some of the most amazing action figures to date.  However,
some fanboys are more familiar with the popular cartoon and/or Archie
comic Turtles, as can be seen in the many cartoon style repaints of the
NECA figures, thus leaving a void in the wishlist of future figures. 
We intend to fill this void by presenting the first four figures in a series of
characters from the other universe known to our beloved Turtles, titled Unsung Villains.






Body and Shoes: Urban Icon
Head, biceps, neclace:  scratch sculpt
Vest, Pants, Glasses: BBI
Gun, Knife: Sigma 6

Body: Urban Icon
Head, helmet, biceps: scratch sculpt
Shirt, pants: hand sewn
Cigar, grenades, bandolier, belt: BBI
Gun, bracelet: Sigma 6
Boots: GI Joe

Body: Sigma 6
Armor: Sigma 6/scratch plastic
Helmet: scratch plastic, wire
Cape: hand sewn

Body: NECA Turtle
Head, nails, shell spikes, biceps, pad spikes, toy palm tree: scratch sculpt
Claws, belt buckle: Sigma 6


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