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CC20: Women so Bad they’re Good

Here’s your chance to own three special Mail away Figures
brought to you by the new Hasbro Legends Collectors Club. The Women So
Bad they’re Good line brings us a newly sculpted Black Queen and Black
Cat and a new figure The Goblin Queen. Know doubt Fans will love the
line and what other New Club figures that wouldn’t sell in retail.
Next months Releases Jubilee, Hawkeye Two-Pack, and the Secret
Invasion Skrull Box Set.
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) is a fictional character, a Marvel Comics
anti-hero that has been both a one-time foe and an ex-girlfriend of
Spider-Man. The Black Cat is a skilled (somewhat reformed) cat burglar
who is currently an occasional crime fighter and adventurer.
Initially, her "cat-like" facade was merely a part of a powerless
persona. While she later did gain powers through a combination of
science and magic, her current abilities are artificial and
mechanically based.

Under the mind illusions of Mastermind, the Phoenix entity (thinking
it was Jean Grey) was inducted into the Inner Circle of the Hellfire
Club as its Black Queen.
Madelyne Pryor is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe.
She was a clone of Jean Grey, created by Mister Sinister. Although
originally a supporting member of the X-Men cast for quite some time,
a variety of troubles in her life (including being rejected by her
husband and losing her son) eventually led to her manipulation into
becoming a demonic-powered supervillain named the Goblin Queen.

*  Drake Goldwin
   * [email protected]
   * Women so Bad they’re Good

   * Black Cat
Black canary head, Vixen Body, fur from the marvel legends Black cat,
and added wrist and ankle articulation, she was also shortened a bit.

*Black Queen
Wonder woman else worlds, new sculpted hair, and shortened a bit. cape
from brother blood, corset remade and split, and whip mad from leather
necklace string.

*Goblin Queen
Blackfire head, dagger forearms, Zatanna upper body, vampire hunter d
chick lower body, major re sculpted upper body and torso.


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