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CC20: Ultimate X-Men Legends


Ultimate Marvel fans rejoice! The Ultimate Universe is finally getting the attention it deserves in this wave of Marvel Legends starting with the team that premiered the Ultimate Marvel imprint-Ultimate X-men. Fueled by the movie franchise’s innovations, Mark Millar’s edgy writing, and Adam Kubert’s artistic vision the Ultimate X-men led the way for the critically acclaimed Ultimate titles. Now immortalized in 6" scale, these Ultimate X-men will fit right in with Marvel Legends.




I’ve been getting more and more into the Ultimate Marvel universe with it’s compelling modern take on my favorite characters and its easy to follow continuity. It’s been racking up the bulk of my trade paperback purchases lately since the lines have been successful for 7 years now. I figured it was time to give them some six-inch attention since I’m a completist ML collector and have the Ultimate Fantastic Four, some Ultimates, and plenty of Ultimate Spidey villains. HML2 Wolverine just looked lonely and out of place so I busted out the fodder bin to start on the largest Ultimate team so far. I’ll be posting detailed shots in the customs forum, so make sure to check out my thread!

Raybot (raydaimon at thefwoosh)

[email protected]

  • Ultimate Cyclops-TNA Jeff HArdy head, HML3 Cyclops body, XMC Gambit lower legs, XMC Cyclops forearms, ML15 Moon Knight biceps and hands. Removable visor and glasses via X-men movie Cyclops, straps from bullseye and XMC Magneto, belt from McFarlane Toys figure.
  • Ultimate Colossus-LCBH Wraarl body, LCBH Conan head, shoulderstrap, ML10 Mr.Sinister lower legs, ML6 Cable hands and belt. Large shoulderstrap was Sculpey Flex and kneepads were movie Iron Man’s shoulderpads.
  • Ultimate Beast-XMC Stealth Beast body, XMC Tech-gear Beast lower legs, AOA Sabretooth ponytail.
  • Ultimate Wolverine-HML2 Wolverine body, ML7 Weapon X fingers and claws, Giant Man wave Weapon X ankles.
  • Ultimate Marvel Girl-TRU Exclusive HML Black Queen, ML11 Scarlet Witch gloves, Dr.Who Rose Tyler hair, HML2 Marvel Girl flames.
  • Ultimate Rogue-HML1 Emma Frost body, movie Invisible Woman hands, XMC Rogue head.

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