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CC20: Before Sunnydale


it’s lead from the flashback in the classic episode “Becoming”, Diamond
Select Toys commisioned “Because We Can” Studios’ D-Man to sculpt a new
line of Buffy figures based on her time before arriving in Sunnydale.


took influences from that episode, the Buffy movie, and the “Origin”
comic book to create a series of figures that told Buffy’s first story
– her time at Hemery High, her first Watcher, her first ‘Scoobie’, and
her first nemesis, Lothos.


D-Man’s designs attmept to bridge the gap between the movie, the show and the comic books, matching
the style and feel of the television “Buffyverse” and the previously
released figures, and using likenesses that “suggested” the actors who
we previously saw in these parts. The line includes 6 figures:


“Destiny Free” Buffy
– as seen in “Becoming”, this is a younger, more Cordy-like Buffy, and
comes complete with bag, cell-phone, pom-pom, trophy, and Hemery High


Merrick Jamieson-Smythe – Buffy’s first Watcher, again as he appears in “Becoming”. He comes complete with his study base, various books, a cross and that pistol.


Oliver Pike
– The first Scoobie! Comes complete with his apratment base, crash
helmet, guitar case, pizza box, and more! And maybe he does look a bit
like Luke Perry…


The first “Master” Buffy had to face, he stands tall in his Castle
base, along with a bottle of “wine”, a glass, and the head of someone
not so fortunate.


Amilyn – Lothos’
number one henchman, he’s sen her before he loses his arm, and comes
with an alley base, complete with oil drum, sewer lid and some nasty


“Pyro Prom” Buffy
– Wearing a dress not-too-dissimilar to that worn in a certain movie,
she comes with a burning prom base, the torch that started it, a stake
to finish things, and a half-finished burning vampire!

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“Destiny Free” Buffy – Charmed Paige Torso,  legs and hands, X-Files Scully Arms, Buffybot Head, Charmed Piper hair. Jacket and extra hair sculpting with Super-Sculpy

Merrick Jamieson-Smythe – TNA James Mitchell body with “Hush” Commissioner Gordon head

Oliver Pike
– “Fool For Love” Spike Torso and legs, “Beneath You” Spike arms with
sculpted sleeves, Xander Shirt, Alias’ Michael Vaughn head

Lothos  – Sleepy Hollow Headless Horesman head, Giles Torso and legs, Demon Angel arms, sculpted sleeves, collar, shoulder flap and hair

Amilyn – Initiative Xander torso and legs, MAC Vampire Spike head and arms, Wesley Jacket, sculpted hair and beard

“Pyro Prom” Buffy – “Primeval” Buffy head and torso, MAC Cordelia arms, OMWF Dawn legs, sculpted dress, hair and boots

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