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Demanded Characters – Big Barda

Welcome back to the final look at the hotties of the DCU, that have to be made in the new DCU Classics line.  This week we focus on a god, a wife, and… well, a dead chick.  She is powerful enough to best the toughest Furies on Apokolips, melt the heart of a fellow New God, and make fan boys drool when she wears that red bikini: of course I’m talking about Big Barda.

Looking over last week’s poll, this is one case where the modern version of a character far surpasses the original look.  Modern Vixen won this week in a landslide not seen since when Captain Cold beat out the rest of the rogues….more on that next week.


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Barda grew up under the tutelage of Granny Goodness, learning many useful skills and becoming the top student in the orphanage.  Being the tough girl that she was, Barda did have a soft spot for her fellow orphan, Mr. Miracle, AKA Scott Free- who would eventually be her husband.  The two met during their training at Granny’s orphanage .  They fell in love and when Scott left to find a new home on Earth, Barda also left her life as the leader of the other girls at the orphanage and found her true love, Scott, and they lived happily ever after. 

Sounds like a nice story huh?  Well it would be if that was how it happened.  Barda  was ripped from her parents at an early age and that trauma caused her to grow up being a self-reliant, power house of a woman.  She was beaten and tortured daily in the hell that was Granny’s Orphanage.  Every day she had to prove her mental and physical strength against opponent after opponent. Barda was forced to prove herself, unable to let her guard down, for fear of being killed by other furies in training.   Barda never gave into any of the tortures that plagued her life on a daily basis.  Granny tried to kill her during every battle, and that was the inner strength and hate that kept Barda going.  Barda rose  in rank, becoming the leader of the Female Furies of Apokolips.  While her job in life was to kill for the honor of Darkseid, her heart would open once for her true love Scott Free.  She helped him escape the hellish planet and eventually followed him to Earth. 

Barda has been part of the JLA sporadically, stopping both alien and domestic threats to our planet.  She does surprise people though when she is caught off guard at home; like the time some JLA’ers stopped by to find Barda trying to be a normal housewife, with apron on and vacuum in hand.  Barda has also been a great ally to Oracle, being the muscle for the Birds of Prey.  Unfortunately for fan boys all over the world, Barda is recently deceased. However, we all know how comics are: the 4th World may be dying, but who knows what new looks Barda may have in the 5th World?

So the big questions comes up: With the Four Horsemen teasing that new gods may be part of wave 5 this year, what Barda do you want?

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