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Demanded Characters – The Rogues Revisited

Welcome back to another installment of DC’s Demanded Characters.  This week we start our month long look at villians.  The Rogues were fighting it out when Fwoosh went down this year and we never got a final look.  Captain Cold took the top spot that time, so which of the other Flash Rogues would you like ASAP?

This week it looks like the classic won that battle.  More people want a Classic Big Barda then any of the other choices. 

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Today we look at The Flash who has one of the most famous Rogues Gallery in comics. The villains which make up the Rogues work together even after all their losses.  Recently the Rogues have put themselves in big trouble with the murder of Bart Allen.  When thinking of who we want to see, while I want them all, I had to narrow this down to the Big Guns. While I think we all agree that both Zoom and Reverse Flash are easy variants, however the following Rogues all deserve their own figure.  So here we go: Who besides Captain Cold should we see? 

Captain Boomerang- George “Digger” Harkness was a young man when his mother sent him out of Australia to America.  As he grew he got a job demonstrating the use of boomerangs, as Captain Boomerang.  Digger would use his show to steal from the crowd.  His dark side would bring him to the attention of the Flash (Barry Allen).  As the years went by Digger would come up with trick boomerangs and try to outsmart the Flash, but in the end would always be defeated.  Captain Boomerang would spend some time on the government organization the Suicide Squad but would return to a life of crime to battle the Flash – now Wally West.  The Captain would meet his demise though at the hands of Jack Drake, father of Tim Drake Robin, during the Identity Crisis. 

Pied Piper- as a child Hartley Rathaway was unable to hear, but having the benefit of a wealthy family his parents were able to restore his hearing.  After his hearing returned Hartley would become obsessed with sound and music. Spending his family’s fortune he was able to create a pipe which would control humans like the Pied Piper of fairy tales.  Becoming bored, he decided to try his hand at crime to which he was successful until the Flash interfered.  After the death of Barry Allen, Piper decided to give up crime and become a reformed criminal and befriended Wally West.  Now Piper is on the run for the murder of Bart Allen in Countdown. 

Heatwave- Mick Rory was locked in an industrial freezer as a kid. The incident left him with a great fear of cold.  He obsessed about warmth and heat.  In time he would create his own heat gun and become an opposite to the Rogue Captain Cold.  He would become a career criminal who would battle the Flash alongside his fellow Rogues. While for a time he reformed, recent times has seen him rejoining the Rogues and back to his old ways. 

Mirror Master- While Evan McMulloch is not the first person to take the name Mirror Master, he is the one challenging the Flash now.  While his career started by going against Animal Man he would soon join the ranks of the Rogues.  Using any objects to appear and disappear and create reflections which can seem real, Mirror Master uses his power to rob and murder. 

Trickster- James Jesse grew up as an acrobat who was afraid of heights.  He would spend time inventing his air walker shoes which would help him overcome his fear and become a great acrobat.  While he enjoyed his profession his costume and his need for more excitement would lead him to a life a crime.  He decided to plant himself in Central City which would lead him to confront the Flash.  The conflict would cause James to create more twisted trick weapons.  While for a time he reformed and hunted down other villains, he recently returned to his role as a Rogue, olny to be shot in the head by Deadshot. 

Weather Wizard- Mark Mardon was a crook that stole the invention of his brother, a wand which can control the weather.  While he would face may of the big named heroes of the DCU he would, like many rogues, seem to go straight.  He would of course in time return to his life a crime.  Weather Wizard found that not only does the wand he carries help him to control the weather, but there is some evidence he may have the power within him. 

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