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Secret Identities – xAngelx

I ask fwooshmembers  questions.


They anwer them.


xAngelx- "I’m like Superman with Asthma." 

Where are you from?

I’m from a town, which was once a very famous Fish port in England. That’s really the only claim to fame we have. We were featured on an advert for fish fingers or something a while back, though.

What city?

I live in a village called Laceby, which is attached to a town called Grimsby.

Does it snow in Laceby?

Usually in January I think. I like snow.

Who is in your family?

I’ve got a pretty extended family. My mum’s been married twice and she has an ex partner. It gets confusing come xmas time.

Kid Mech is your half brother and your sister lives down the street.

What is in your collection?

I used to collect ML, but since Hasbro took over (HASBRO ARE KILLING TEH LINE!) it’s really killed my enthusiasm. So much so that I haven’t bought a HML and all of my ML are boxed up. I’ve been focusing more on my Star Wars collection recently, and my comic collection (which is growing!).

What is your opinion of Hasbro?

They took a fantastic line, and made me lose interest in it. Marvel Legends got me into proper toy collecting, and Hasbro killed that. They increased the price past something I’d want to pay, for an inferior product. I know Toybiz weren’t doing so well in the last couple of waves, but I still think they were better than HML1. I never bought any of HML1, so I’m just going from what I saw in stores and what I’ve seen on the internet. They also charge too much for Star Wars toys and their customer service section is useless. Basically if I had a mortal enemy, it would be Hasbro.

What sites do you like to visit?

I’m a regular on many Star Wars forums and a couple of comic/action figure forums. Myspace, assorted Star Wars/Prop building forums.
I must frequent about six or seven forums. Outside forums I don’t really do much on the interweb.

What do you like to do?

Frequent forums. I’m also a beloved regular in our own Fwoosh Chat room.

Do you believe in Christmas miracles?

I’m not much of a fan of xmas. I’m not sure why but it just doesn’t agree with me. But I guess if some people out there believe hard enough, some good might happen.

Do you think that xmas is for amateurs.

Amateur toy collectors? Not really. It’s more about children, and children shouldn’t really be classed as amateurs.

What is the most money you have spent on toys?

I’ve been to a couple of conventions and probably spent around £60 at each. On one item was probably my Force FX lightsabers, which were about £50. 

Future plans?

Currently I’m very confused about my future plans. It’s led me to be depressed a lot.

What is Emo?

Isn’t he on Sesame Street?
Oh right, um… silly little teenagers who have silly hair and silly clothes.

Are you Emo?

I’m certainly not the most cheery person ever, but I’m not emo.

Are you agrophobic?
I don’t like strange places that I’m unfamiliar with, or being around lots of strange people. I’m not sure if it would be classed as agoraphobic.

Do you like to travel?

When I travel I just stick a CD on or try to sleep. I don’t mind traveling, but it’s murder on the knees.

Who is your favorite character?
From comics? Probably Iron Fist. He pulls off the green and yellow really well. Outside him, probably Namor. I’d go around in green trunks, but I think I’d get arrested.

Do you customize?

I’ve dabbled. I don’t have the time, money or flair to customize unfortunately.

What are you studying?

At college, I’m studying 2nd year Math, Physics and Film Studies and first year Electronics. I took Film Studies in my first year to keep me sane because it’s something I enjoy.

Do you have any pets?

I had a cat, who unfortunately had to be put down. She’d been declining over the past year or so and my dad took her to the vet because she could barely walk and we found out she had some sort of kidney failure. She was a good 15 years old, older than my sister infact.


How do you see yourself?

Through a mirror mostly. I don’t like to think about myself because it’s mostly negative.


Ever break a bone or have a serious illness?

I have a chip in my tooth, that’s a bone right? That I got for fighting in the playground when I was about 10. I’ve also had my nose broken, that was for fighting on a playing field when I was about 14. Other than that I seem somewhat indestructible. I’m like Superman with Asthma.

 How often do you sleep?

Every day. Night. Whatever.
I normally go to bed just after midnight and I’m up for college at around 8am. Weekends I go to bed around 2am and I’m normally up around noon. It’s not like I have work to go to.

 Favorite movie?

The Star Wars series is pretty high on my list, but outside that I’m not sure. Maybe The Warriors.

Favorite actress?

Kirsten Dunst. I know the guys in Fwoosh Chat think she’s unattractive, but I don’t.

How many times have you been in love?

In love? I don’t really know if it could be classed as love, but anything I’ve felt wasn’t reciprocated. I tend to fall for unattainable girls.

Can you cook?

I can cook, but I’m lazy.

What is a good meal?

Keema Biryani from my local Indian Takeaway. For those who don’t know Indian food, it’s sort of like fried rice with mincemeat in it, served with a vegetable curry.

What is wrong with you?

I’m overweight and not very attractive. I blame all my problems on this.

Have you ever been in a lazy contest?

I can’t be bothered to enter any contests.

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