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Where do you live?

I live in the valley of the Mormons, aka Utah. And no, I am not much of a church go-er. I actually live in a fun and diverse part of the state called Sugarhouse.

What is it like in Mormondy? Does Polygamy work out for everyone?

It’s a magical land…filled with butterflies, unicorns and virgins. Actually, it’s not too bad…I have come to terms with it…however; it is hard to get a good stiff drink here. I dunno if Polygamy works.  I would be open to it.  I wouldn’t mind having another one or two men around the house to boss around (just kidding Matt, luv ya)

Where do you work?

I work in small office as a couselor. I completed my master’s degree and I am working on my clinical hours to be a Licenses Professional Counselor (LPC). I have a diverse group of clients, from all walks of life, which makes things interesting.

You are a responsible adult?

Responsible? *blushes*….yeah, 90 percent of the time. However, I do enjoy being free and careless when I can. I guess that is why I enjoy comics and movies….good escapism.

What type of consuling do you do?

Most of my clients are young adults between 14 to 22 from various backgrounds. The type of counseling varies upon individual need, but I see a lot of people with depression, various psychological and personality disorders, low self-esteem, poor body image, sexual identity issues, ect. My counseling style blends different approaches, but I focus on the here and now, empowerment, coping skills, self-acceptance, decision-making and responsibility.

It can be very intense and emotionally draining at times…it’s hard not to empathize and want to “fix” people or take one their people. I try not to take their problems home with me.

Do you ever just give up on clients?
Do you ever say “Sorry try and deal with it." 

Sure I do. Sometimes I want to yell, scream, roll out of my chair, or bang my head on the wall. The counseling process can be a frustrating process for both parties. But, I am the professional, and I have a job to do and sometimes that calls for being very direct and blunt in order to help someone overcome their problems.

Do you love your job? Why did you get another degree?

Yes…I really do love my job. I enjoy helping people. I have two bachelors’ degrees actually…one in psychology and the other was in mass communication. I briefly worked in PR for a radio station for a while during my college year, which was very fun. I got to meet lots of musicians and got lots of free stuff…but, it wasn’t fulfilling…so I finished undergrad with a double major, and then went into the mental health area. To advance my career, I needed a Masters Degree….so, back to school I went. *sigh* I am tired on studying.

What I like about you is that you introduced me to the typing/as action
feature that the kids use.

*shuffles feet,  picks up empty soda can *
We should do a few for this interview.

*flips hair* okay

Who is in you family?

I have two ‘rents and a two bothers…and my extended family is 12 cousins, all guys…hence, my tommy boy tendencies. Right now I share a condo with my boyfriend. We’ve been living in sin for almost two years.

Any pets?

We have two dogs. My “baby” is a terrier and my boyfriend has a lab. He had a snake before we moved in together…but that had to go.

What are your future plans?

Continue working….enjoying life and my friends….maybe marriage and kids in 10 years.

Do you customize?
Yes, I do customize…not as much as I used too. With school done, I’d like get back into it again…its good stress release. I have done several 5in old school Toy Biz figures, and 13’ mego dolls. I love art…drawing, painting…so customizing is a good expression of that.

What art do you do?

I have always loved arts, crafts, and being creative. I have been drawing all my life.  It’s hard not too doodle when listening to clients; bad habit, I know. I am channeling that artistic side into redecorating our home. Am I sounding like Martha Stewart? I hope not.

What are some of the projects that you do?

Customer zing…I am starting to get back into customizing 13in mego dolls…from hair rooting to sewing outfits. I have done several…from Storm and Wonder Woman to Power Girl and Mera.

You seem like you have a full life. What’s up with that?

Yeah…what is up with that?…(This is reminds me of a Barbara Walters interview. Should I be crying? How is the lighting?). I guess I have a full life because I am a buzy body. I am always into something.  I am a multitasker. I can shop online and fwoosh at the same time.

Do you cook?

Yes! I am decent cook. I make a mean lasagna….but to be honest, my boyfriend is the better chef.

What is in your collection?

I am an eclectic person and my collection reflects that. My first love is Wonder Woman…I remember my older brother giving me his Superpowers Wonder Woman toy, because neither he nor my other brother had any interest in the female characters. However, I found characters like Cheetara. She-ra, Scarlett, Tela (not the myspace chick), Storm, and Steelhart [Silverhawks] to be more interesting than Barbie. So my collection is a lot of various Wonder Woman figures and collectables, a few superhero dolls, several Marvel and DC figures, and various female action figures (ranging from GI Joe to X-Men).

Oh yes, and there are comic books too, and my boyfriend has his collection (Spawn “statues”, Marvel Legends, DCD, and GI Joe). We have a lot of things in storage, but we regularly prune our collection; and our goodies are in the downstairs media area.

Why so much love for the X-titles?

I like the X-Men titles because it is this rich, hodgepodge, diverse and interesting mix of characters. It’s a giant soap opera….like Days of Our Lives. It has action, adventure, love triangles, long lost children, and anorexic albino hermaphrodites….What’s not to love?

Who would make the best X-Men team?

The best X-Men team?….hmmm one that would remain stable for more than 12 issues. I think the main problem with the X-Titles is revolving door of cast members. But if I had to pick a line-up it would be Storm, Jean, Psylocke, Polaris, Kitty Pryde and Iceman as the token pretty boy.

What was your first comic? 

That would be New Teen Titans number 11. I fished it out of my older cousin’s comic book box. I was a fan of Wonder Woman from the cartoon and re-runs of the Lynda Carter series; however, I didn’t know Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were two different people. The story is about the return of the Greek Titans, and their leader Hyperion (who I thought was very hot) seduces/enchants Donna Troy. This lead to a wonderful battle with the Teen Titans, teaming up with Queen Hippoltya and the Amazons, to save Wonder Girl. From that point, I started tagging along to their trips to the comic book store.

Where do you vacation? Where would you like to vacation?

We hit up Vegas once or twice a year. And we went to Jamaica last spring. I also love going to San Francisco and visiting my friends in Phoenix and Santa Fe. But, I would really love to hit up New York.

Do you gamble in Vegas?

Do I gamble in Vegas?  No, I go there to “work” on the weekends. I kidd. I play the slots (not the sluts) and black jack. I also like the shopping.

Are you going to look up MoldieXIII the next time you go to Las Vegas?
You just go out to the desert and he finds you.

Hmmm…sounds intriguing.  I heard that if you turn off the lights and say his name three times, he will magically appear.  I have attempted it, only I keep stopping after the second time.

Do you know anyone in real life who fwooshes?

Yeah, I met a fwoosher once. He humped my leg. I had to turn the hose on him. Filthy lil bugger.

Why are the fwooshnumbers of male and female so disproportionate?

Action Figures are a more male driven hobby, but the Fwoosh has a lot of offer in terms of discussions about collecting, customizing, comics, movies, TV, ect. It’s a fun melting pot of different types of people. There was a private girls section of the Fwoosh about a year ago, but it didn’t last, which is too bad. I think it would be great to have more girls on board. But I don’t mind rolling with those smelly boys (I’m kidding…y’all smell good…especially Chase). The Men of the Fwoosh rock!

What other sites do you visit?

I love my gossip, so I check out Perez Hilton, Dlisted and Pink is the New Blog. I also visit Toy Mania, Newsarama, Comic Book Resources, and the DC Boards.

What do you spend your money on?

Clothes…Shoes…Comics…Toys…Music. My vices.

What is wrong with you?

I can be moody and messy…I always have several projects going on at once….I can also be stubborn too. And I am a flirt. I can’t help myself.

Thanks Ms.LMV!

Thank you, I have enjoyed the experience.




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