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Make My Marvel! – Magik

X-Men theme month continues at MMM! with the deceased (or not) new mutant Magik.  This is going to be a short one this week, so apologies in advance.

Last week’s poll re-cap:  In another big turnout and with 81% of the vote, you chose Forge in his classic blue & gold X-men uniform as the version of the character you most want made for Marvel Legends.  Sadly both 80’s playa Forge and Beak with condom accessory were not as popular.  Your abundance of taste disturbes me.

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    Make My Marvel! – Magik

    Illyana Rasputin, younger sister of the X-man Colossus, was gifted with the mutant abillity to transport herself and others via teleportation discs.  In her first few appearances, Illyana was a small child, but during one of the X-Men’s encounters with Belasco, she was aged more than a decade.  The X-men dead or corrupted, Illyana spent her youth in Belasco’s hellish dimension under the mystical tutelage of of an alternate version of Storm.  She learned the dark arts and used them to defeat Belasco and escape with the X-Men.  Though time had barely passed for other X-Men, Illyana’s change in age was permanent.

    Now closer in age to the next generation of X-Men, Illyana was allowed to join the New Mutants.  She remained with the team for a time until the events of Inferno caused both her transformation into the demonic Darkchylde and the return to her original age.  She was returned to her family for a brief period, but the murder of her parents and her contraction of the Legacy Virus brought Illyana back to the X-Men.  She later succumbed to the virus.

    Following Magik’s death, the Soulsword, the physical manifestation of Illyana’s soul, was passed on to her best friend, Shadowcat.  The sword later came into the possession of the X-Men’s associate, Amanda Sefton, who assumed both the mantle of Magik and responsibility for ruling Limbo.  Following the events of House of M, Illyana, or some part of her, was brought back.  This version of Magik was demonic in both appearance personality.  She helped the New X-Men defeat Belasco before vanishing to unknown wherabouts.  She seemed to have some memories of her prior life, but had been so corrupted with darkness that it’s difficult to tell how much of the original remains.

    How to make it: Parts from either X-23 or Kitty Pride/FF movie Invisible Woman would work fine for most versions of Magik.  Whichever version is made, the Soulsword is absolutely necessary as an accessory.

    Which version of Magik do you want Hasbro to make?

    New Mutants



    Darkchylde I

    DarkChylde II


    Amanda Sefton

    House of M


    *Some images courtesy of and Comicvine.*

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