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Toy PR Digest – 10/26/7

Each week, we’ll be compiling all the toys-related PR into a single digest. Enjoy!


Making Its Way to You from Whoville

Can you hear the caroling and smell the roast beast? Our How the Grinch
Stole Christmas! online feature is making its way direct from Whoville.
In it you will find:

– Full figure specs


– In-packaging Photos

– Downloadable Desktop Wallpapers

– Where to Buy

In case you haven’t seen our complete line of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! action figures, go here.

The first series of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! action figures are in stores now!


It’s a Good Day to Be a Hockey Fan

McFarlane’s Sports Picks is proud to unveil our NHL 17 figures. The
lineup features four players in the new RBK EDGE uniform, and two retro
figures from the NHL’s storied history. Toronto’s Jason Blake,
Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin, Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin 2 and
Buffalo’s Ryan Miller show off the "new look" of the NHL, while Trevor
Linden is wearing the black Vancouver jersey from their Finals run of
1994, and Joe Sakic salutes his hockey roots with a retro Quebec
Nordiques jersey.

Take a peek at the future (and proud past) of the NHL:

Jason Blake

Trevor Linden (retro)

Evgeni Malkin

Ryan Miller

Alexander Ovechkin 2

Joe Sakic 2 (Quebec)

NHL17 is expected to arrive in stores in late January 2008. We’re
planning to offer an expanded goal set-up at the same time as NHL 17,
giving collectors another option for displaying their figures. There
will be pegholes for goalies as well as opposing skaters on the same
base. The hockey goal will be offered in modern and classic versions,
and will be carried through our McFarlane Stores (Tempe, Glendale &
online) as well as select mass retailers. Here’s a look at mock-up
photography of both items:

>> HOCKEY GOAL (Modern)

>> HOCKEY GOAL (Classic)

The hockey goal will ship as a flat box set. The item is still in
development, so there is no established price point yet, but we will
bring that info soon. Stay tuned for prototype photography in the
coming weeks.



It’s Going to Be a Very Big Year

Welcome to the complete 2008 McFarlane Toys release schedule – your resource for the coming year in action figures.


SPAWN Series 33 – Age of Pharaohs (due in stores March 2008)

Set in the time of the Egyptians, a new SPAWN rises to meet his destiny. Features six all new sculpts.

– SPAWN the Immortal

– Warrior Isis

– Jackal King

– Soldier of Ra

– Scarab Assassin

– Sebek

SPAWN Series 34 – Neo-Classics (due in stores June 2008)

All new sculpts highlight four classic SPAWN line favorites.

– Pirate SPAWN

– Poacher

– Manga SPAWN Robot

– Wings of Redemption SPAWN

SPAWN Series 35 – ROBOTS (due in stores October 2008)

Robots rule in this all-new six-figure SPAWN line

– Six figures, TBA


3-INCH Military Series 1 (due in stores February 2008)

We are proud to offer our popular present day military figures in a
brand new scale! The new 6 figure lineup will feature an all woodland
camouflage paint scheme to collect and display.
– Navy SEAL Boarding Unit

– Army Paratrooper

– Marine Corps Recon Sniper

– Air Force Special Ops CCT

– Army Ranger

– Army Infantry (AT-4)

3-INCH Military Series 2 (due in stores April 2008)

Our second series of soldiers in 3-inch scale. Small in size, but HUGE in detail!

– Army Infantry

– Army Paratrooper

– Marine Corps Recon

– Army Sniper

– Navy SEAL Commando

– Army Ranger 2

– Marine Radioman

Military Series 7 (due in stores April 2008)

McFarlane’s Military is proud to showcase our newest assortment of realistic real-world military figures.

– Army Ranger Arctic Ops

– Air Force Halo Jumper

– Air Force Fighter Pilot

– Army Special Forces Night Ops

** NEW ** Military WW II Series 1 (due in stores June 2008)

The debut of McFarlane’s World War II-era 6-inch figures features four
soldiers from the most pivotal battles of the greatest human conflict
in history.
– Army Infantry Private: D-Day

– Army Infantry Bar Gunner: Battle of the Bulge

– Marine Corps Flamethrower: Battle of Iwo Jima

– Air Corps P-51 Pilot: Tuskegee Airman

Military WW II Series 1 Boxed Set (due in stores June 2008)

Bringing unparalleled accuracy and stunning detail to the most
collectible military era our first WWII Boxed set captures the
intensity of battle.
– .30 Cal Gunner

Military WW II Series 2 (due in stores September 2008)

– Army Ranger: D-Day

– Navy Boat Gunner’s Mate: Battle of the Pacific

– Army Infantry Grenadier: Battle of Monte Cassino

– Army Airborne Captain: Battle of Carentan


** NEW ** Warriors of the Zodiac Series 1 (due in stores May 2008)

2008 is the year of the Zodiac — 3 series featuring figures inspired
by all twelve astrological signs. From Todd McFarlane – an entirely new
take on zodiac mythology!
– Aries

– Taurus

– Gemini

– Cancer

Warriors of the Zodiac Series 2 (due in stores August 2008)

– Leo

– Virgo

– Libra

– Scorpio

Warriors of the Zodiac Series 3 (due in stores October 2008)

– Sagittarius

– Capricorn

– Aquarius

– Pisces


Dragons Series 8 (due in stores January 2008)

The last line in the popular McFarlane Dragons series features four
entirely new dragon sculpts and the exciting conclusion to the Dragon
– Water Dragon

– Eternal Dragon

– Hunter Dragon

– Berserker Dragon

** NEW ** Legend of the Blade Hunters Series 1 (due in stores May 2008)

McFarlane announces an all-new Fantasy based line for 2008. Expanding
the McFarlane aesthetic to the fantasy world with all new sculpts, this
new brand will introduce creatures.
– Eternal Dragon

– Basilisk (Lake Demon)

– Tyr (Dragon rider)

– Ogre (Guard Class)

Legend of the Blade Hunters Series 1 Boxed Set (due in stores May 2008)

– King Draako

Legend of the Blade Hunters Series 2 (due in stores September 2008)

– Cursed Dragon

– Goblins (Scout Class)

– Knight (Captain Bayle)

– Cronus (Necromancer)

Legend of the Blade Hunters Series 2 Boxed Set (due in stores September 2008)

– Griffin (Warrior Class)

Legend of the Blade Hunters Series 3 (due in stores September 2008)

– Scavenger Dragon

– Rock Giant (Lava Class)

– Bright elf (Warrior Class)

– Bog Demon

– Wood Nymph (Enchantress) specialty only

Mini Dragons (due in stores July 2008)

The latest Dragon offering from McFarlane highlights 6 fire-breathing favorites in a new smaller size.

– Hunter 6

– Ice 6

– Eternal 4

– Berserker 4

– Eternal 3

– Sorcerer 1


THE GODFATHER 6-Inch Action Figure (due in stores January 2008)

THE GODFATHER 3-D Wall Art (due in stores January 2008)


Halo Series 1 (due in stores March 2008)

Master Chief must take the fight to his enemies, and finally put a stop to the Covenant’s never-ending onslaught.

– Master Chief (red paint variant)

– Cortana

– Brute Chieftain

– Jackal Sniper

– Grunt

– Spartan Soldier

Halo Series 1 vehicles (due in stores March 2008)

A completely new category of toy from McFarlane Toys. Vehicles are 4" plastic with moveable wheels and turrets.

– Brute Chopper

– Ghost

– Warthog

Halo Series 2 (due in stores June 2008)

Through the fog of war, one man stands as the last hope for victory against the might of the Covenant legions.

– Master Chief

– Brute Stalker


– Drone

– Arbiter

– Spartan Soldier

Halo Series 2 Vehicles (due in stores June 2008)

A completely new category of toy from McFarlane Toys. Vehicles are 4" plastic with moveable wheels and turrets.

– Scarab

– Wraith

– Mongoose

Halo Series 3 (due in stores August 2008)

The major characters from HALO 3 assemble in this toy line-up to FINISH THE FIGHT!

– Master Chief

– Elite Combat

– Brute Captain

– Human Flood

– Jackal Major

– Spartan Soldier

Halo Series 3 Vehicles (due in stores August 2008)

A completely new category of toy from McFarlane Toys. Vehicles are 4" plastic with moveable wheels and turrets.

– Banshee

– Hornet

– Scorpion Tank

12-Inch Master Chief (due in stores August 2008)

Halo Series 3 Highly Stylized Poseable Figures Specialty only (due in stores October 2008)

– Master Chief

– Cheiftain Brute (Weapon Class)

– Arbiter

Elvis Gospel (due in stores May 2008)

McFarlane Toys’ recaptures the greatness and emotion of "The King" as he sings in the white suit fans associate with the song.

Aloha Elvis (due in stores August 2008)

Celebrating one of Elvis’ most memorable televised concerts, McFarlane
Toys recaptures the King from his Aloha in Hawaii live performance.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – 6-inch Action Figures (due in stores September 2008)

– Two Sizes Too Small – The Grinch

– You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Santa Grinch

– Cindy Lou Who

– All I Need Is a Reindeer – The Grinch and Max

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – 3-inch Action Figures (due in stores Septemberp 2008)

– Two Sizes Too Small – The Grinch

– You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Santa Grinch

– Cindy Lou Who

– All I Need Is a Reindeer – The Grinch and Max


NHL Series 17 (due in stores in January 2008)

Our NHL 17 lineup features a trio of Sports Picks debuts, the second
figure for one of the league’s top players, and two retro figures
celebrating vintage jerseys on current players.
– Ryan Miller – Buffalo Sabres

– Evgeni Malkin – Pittsburgh Penguins

– Alexander Ovechkin 2 – Washington Capitals

– Jason Blake – Toronto Maple Leafs

– Joe Sakic 2 – Quebec Nordiques

– Trevor Linden – Vancouver Canucks (1994 black jersey)

NHL SERIES 18 (due in Canada and specialty stores in May 2008)

Our late-season series is geared toward our diehard Canadian hockey
collectors, and features four players all sculpted in the new RBK EDGE
uniforms, as well as two yet-to-be-named players in retro Canadian
– Ray Emery – Ottawa Senators

– Jordan Staal – Pittsburgh Penguins

– Sheldon Souray – Edmonton Oilers

– Joe Sakic 3 – Colorado Avalanche

– Guy LaFleur – Quebec Nordiques

– Mats Sundin 2 – Quebec Nordiques

NHL 19 HYBRID (due in stores August 2008)

Our NHL 19 lineup features our first-ever mix of hockey legends
alongside current players. Our second Don Cherry figure is also our
first Sports Picks figure for a coach.
– Bernie Parent – Philadelphia Flyers

– Don Cherry 2 – Boston Bruins

– Ryan Smyth 2 – Colorado Avalanche

– Alexei Kovalev – Montreal Canadiens

– 2 players TBA

3-inch NHL Series 6 (due in stores September 2008)

The 3-inch NHL Series 6 lineup includes Stanley Cup-winning goalie
Jean-Sebastien Giguere, as well as fellow netminders Cristobal Huet and
Ray Emery. Jason Blake, Sheldon Souray and Ryan Smyth are all appearing
in the jerseys of their new teams.
– Jean-Sebastien Giguere – Anaheim Ducks

– Ryan Smyth – Colorado Avalanche

– Jason Blake – Toronto Maple Leafs

– Ray Emery – Ottawa Senators

– Cristobal Huet – Montreal Canadiens

– Sheldon Souray – Edmonton Oilers

NHL Legends Series 7 (due in stores October 2008)

Our seventh series of NHL Legends figures features captains from the
original six hockey teams. For 25 years the "Original Six" teams
(Rangers, Maple Leafs, Canadiens, Bruins, Blackhawks and Red Wings)
competed for Lord Stanley’s Cup, and NHL Legends 7 offers one captain
from each team’s storied history.
– Maurice Richard – Montreal Canadiens

– Terry O’Reilly – Boston Bruins

– Mark Messier 3 – New York Rangers

– Doug Gilmour – Toronto Maple Leafs

– Stan Mikita – Chicago Blackhawks

– Gordie Howe 2 – Detroit Red Wings


NBA Series 14 (due in stores in March 2008)

March’s NBA 14 series features the Sports Picks debut for Greg Oden,
Adam Morrison, Tayshaun Prince and Carlos Boozer, as well as all-new
sculpts for Steve Nash and Kevin Garnett.
– Steve Nash 3, Phoenix Suns

– Greg Oden, Portland Trailblazers

– Adam Morrison, Charlotte Bobcats

– Tayshaun Prince, Detroit Pistons

– Kevin Garnett 3, Boston Celtics

– Carlos Boozer, Utah Jazz

NBA Legends Series 4 (due in stores in September 2008)

NBA Legends take the spotlight as we offer Sports Picks for six
memorable hardcourt heroes. This series offers Sports Picks debuts for
four players and the sequel figures for Larry Bird and Julius Erving.
– Patrick Ewing – New York Knicks

– Spud Webb – Atlanta Hawks

– Larry Bird 2 – Boston Celtics

– George Gervin – San Antonio Spurs

– Julius Erving 2 – Philadelphia 76ers

– Elgin Baylor – Los Angeles Lakers

3-INCH NBA Series 6 (due in stores October 2008)

Kobe Bryant 3

Dwayne Wade

Shaquille O’Neal 2

LeBron James 3

Steve Nash 3

Allen Iverson 2

NBA Series 15 (due in stores November 2008)

– 6 figures TBD


– Mariano Rivera w/ Full Bullpen Wall


MLB Cooperstown 5 (due in stores February 2008)

This lineup features the Sports Picks debuts of four baseball greats:
Hank Aaron, Ryne Sandberg, Dennis Eckersley, and Ty Cobb, as well as a
new sculpt for Mickey Mantle and a pinstriped uniform update for Mike
– Hank Aaron, Atlanta Braves

– Mickey Mantle 2, New York Yankees

– Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics

– Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs

– Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers

– Mike Schmidt, Philadelphia Phillies

3-INCH Series 6 (due in stores February 2008)

Our latest 3-inch MLB lineup includes 3-inch debuts for Ryan Howard and
Jonathan Papelbon, and includes uniform updates for Barry Zito and
David Wright.
– Jonathan Papelbon, Boston Red Sox

– Ryan Howard, Philadelphia Phillies

– Mariano Rivera 2, New York Yankees

– Albert Pujols 3, St. Louis Cardinals

– Barry Zito, San Francisco Giants

– David Wright, New York Mets

MLB 20 (Toys R Us Exclusive Lineup)

Toys R Us is your exclusive home for the MLB 20 lineup, which offers
Sports Picks debuts for four players and updated uniforms for Barry
Zito and Gary Sheffield.
Chien-Ming Wang – New York Yankees

Chase Utley – Philadelphia Phillies

Barry Zito – San Francisco Giants

Paul Konerko – Chicago White Sox

Kevin Youkilis – Boston Red Sox

Gary Sheffield – Detroit Tigers

MLB Series 21 (due in stores April 2008)

MLB 21 features the Sports Picks debuts for Joe Mauer, Michael Young
and Daisuke Matsuzaka, as well as different poses for Sports Picks
veterans Jorge Posada, Alfonso Soriano and Nomar Garciaparra.
– Jorge Posada 2, New York Yankees

– Michael Young, Texas Rangers

– Nomar Garciaparra 4, Los Angeles Dodgers

– Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

– Alfonso Soriano 3, Chicago Cubs

– Daisuke Matsuzaka, Boston Red Sox

MLB Series 22 (due in stores in May 2008)

MLB 22 delivers the Sports Picks debuts for Vernon Wells, Carlos Lee
and Jose Reyes, as well as all-new sculpts for Derek Jeter, Ichiro
Suzuki and Curt Schilling.
– Ichiro Suzuki 3, Seattle Mariners

– Carlos Lee, Houston Astros

– Derek Jeter 4, New York Yankees

– Vernon Wells, Toronto Blue Jays

– Jose Reyes, New York Mets

– Curt Schilling 3, Boston Red Sox (or a new team if he leaves via free agency)

MLB Cooperstown Collection 2-pack (due in stores in June 2008)

This 2-pack highlights the home run chase of 1961, when Yankees
teammates Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle raced each other to topple Babe
Ruth’s single-season home run record. It will feature both figures in
uniforms never available before.
– Mickey Mantle 2 & Roger Maris


NFL Legends Series 4 (due in stores July 2008)

Our fourth series of NFL Legends offers five players making their
Sports Picks debuts, and all-new sculpt for 49ers hero Joe Montana.
– Joe Montana 2, San Francisco 49ers

– Howie Long, Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders

– Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh Steelers

– Warren Moon, Houston Oilers

– John Riggins, Washington Redskins

– Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings

3-INCH NFL Series 6 (due in stores June 2008)

– Troy Polamalu, Puttsburgh Steelers

– Vince Young, Tennessee Titans

– Randy Moss, New England Patriots

– Clinton Portis, Washington Red Skins

– Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

– LaDainian Tomlinson 4, San Diego Chargers

NFL Legends, Series 4 (due in stores July 2008)

– Joe Montana 2, San Francisco 49ers

– Warren Moon, Houston Oilers

– Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh Steelers

– Howie Long, Oakland Raiders

– Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings

– John Riggins, Washington Redskins

NFL Ultimate Team Sets (due in stores August 2008)

– Green Bay Packers – Offense

– Pittsburgh Steelers – Offense

– Oakland Raiders – Offense

– New England Patriots – Offense

NFL Collector’s Edition Boxed Set (due in stores August 2008)

– Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers

NFL Collector’s Edition Boxed Set (due in stores August 2008)

– LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego Chargers

NFL Series 17 (due in stores August 2008)

Our NFL 17 lineup runs wild with four of the top running backs in the
NFL, alongside Patriots receiver Andy Moss and Chargers quarterback
Philip Rivers.
– Willie Parker – Pittsburgh Steelers

– Thomas Jones – New York Jets

– Reggie Bush 2 – New Orleans Saints

– Randy Moss 4 – New England Patriots

– Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers

– Rudi Johnson – Cincinnati Bengals

12-INCH NFL (due in stores September 2008)

– Figure TBD

NFL Series 18 (due in stores October 2008)

– 8 figures TBD

* All release dates and figure lineups are subject to change.

{tab=NECA}They Live for the Thrill of the Hunt

They are merciless hunters, and this Christmas they face off against
their deadliest enemies once again, in Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.
NECA is proud to present the newest addition to our Aliens Vs.
Predator: Requiem Action Figures: the Predator! The figure is
articulated, armed to the teeth, and comes in masked and unmasked
versions. As part of our AVP: Requiem Series 2 assortment, the Predator
Action Figure hits shelves in early 2008, but for now take a look at
our hideous unmasked version of this highly anticipated figure. Keep
checking back at NECAonline for the latest updates on AVP: Requiem
action figures and more!

{tab=Diamond Select Toys}It’s Worse Than That… He’s Dead, Jim!

As observant Star Trek fans should already be aware, a special
edition action figure two-pack will be released early next year
featuring two of the biggest names in Trek history. The “Death of
Spock” two-pack will feature a radiation-exposed Spock and a distressed
James T. Kirk! Taken from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, this special
edition two-pack features all-new paint applications and movie-style

Captain Reynolds Rides Again!

Captain of the Firefly class vessel Serneity, Malcom Reynolds and
his diverse crew traverse the black expanse of space taking almost any
job that rosses their path. This six-inch bust features the intrepid
rogue with his pistol drawn, ready to take on any who would get in his
way! Limited to 1,000 pieces and sculpted by Gentle Giant, pre-orders
for this exclusive bust will soon be available through Razor’s Edge Collectibles!

Starscream Exclusive Bust Unveiled!

The latest exclusive Transformers bust is ready to be announced – and
it’s Action Figure Xpress’ own Coronation Starscream! After a battle
with Optimus Prime left Megatron mortally wounded, Starscream saw this
as the golden opportunity to dispose of his former commander and take
leadership of the Decepticons by sending Megatron into oblivion. Upon
his immediate return to Cybertron, Starscream prepares for his
coronation ceremony by donning a crown and adding a cape as a final

Sculpted by Mark Wong

Limited to 600 pieces

Measures 6 inches tall

Each Coronation Starscream Bust features a numbered base with
matching box and Certificate of Authenticity. You can pre-order this
bust by visiting and keep coming back to Diamond Select Toys for more updates and sneak peeks at upcoming products!

{tab=Hasbro}AllSpark Powered: 2008 Wave 1 Leader

AllSpark to the leader class in 2008. These awesome figures feature
dramatically new deco with AllSpark blue highlights.


OPTIMUS PRIME prefers a straight forward battle, in which opponents
can look one another in the eye and know that what they do is for real
and forever, as adversaries should. When fighting an enemy like the
DECEPTICONS however, he knows that more subtle tactics are often called
for. Using the new powers granted him by the infusion of AllSpark
energy, he is ready for even the stealthiest mission. The darker colors
are sensor transparent, letting him slip in unseen, often even directly
under the eyes of DECEPTICON guards. New servos in his joints move him
silently across the ground, and AllSpark powered punches let him take
out enemy troops without a single pulse from his Ion Blaster.


Saturated with power from the AllSpark and freed from the influence
of MEGATRON, DECEPTICON BRAWL disappeared into the rugged land around
the Hoover Dam. Making his way over the course of months to the most
troubled spot on Earth, he adapted his vehicle mode to the new
environment, went to ground and waited. Hiding in the deep desert, he
soaks up energy from the blazing sun, and emerges only to satisfy his
hunger for destruction by attacking and annihilating human convoys and
armored columns. He is a ghost in the desert, attacking randomly and
without reason, and disappearing before human air power can arrive to
track him. To those living in the region, he is a myth, but to those
few who survive his attacks he is a monster.


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