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DCSH Batman and Robin Two-Pack

{mosimage}After a bit of a delay we are back with a First Look at the the Toys R Us exclusive Batmam and Robin two-pack. Read on for lost of pics and how you can win your own compliments of the Fwoosh and Mattel!

This set is a great chance for collectors who missed out on Robin in DCSH series 3 to get one, as he is the same figure (in the standard set) and includes a red Batarang. There is also a variant set with Robin painted in black, blue and silver Nightwing colors.

The real winner in the set is however is the Bats himself. For the most part he is simply a black and gray paint variant from the DCSH series 1 Batman but this one has an uber-cool cape, and this is coming from someone who is generally not a fan of cloth capes.

It is long and gothic, perfect for our brooding Bat and can be draped in lots of cool poses for rooftop vigilance. Hey, but enough with the words, check out the pictures!


Thanks so much to Mattel for sending these along for our feature. Also, stay tuned in the Phantom Zone (the DC forum) to see how you can enter to win your own set courtesy of Mattel and The Fwoosh!

More (and bigger) pictures:
Enter the contest:

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