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Make My Marvel! – X-51/Machine Man

Last week’s MMM! spotlight was a controversial one – but only if you’ve got the free time to be that stupid.  This week’s hopeful for ML is, well, different.  He’s got a machine head.  It’s better than the rest.  Goes from green to red.  And, uh… aw hell, were there actually any other words to that song?  Come on in and let’s not debate the lyrics of crappy 90’s Bush songs with X-51, the Machine Man.

Last week’s poll recap: In one of the biggest turnouts in a good while, 55% of you chose Northstar’s classic costume as your first choice for a Marvel Legends figure.  Second place was a tie between Northstar’s X-Men costume and his modern re-design with each taking 17% of the vote.  This one’s a no-brainer, Hasbro.




Last week’s article:

Last week’s poll: 

Make My Marvel! – Machine Man/X-51


Machine Man, aka X-51, aka Aaron Stack, was the 51st in a series of emotion-gifted androids and also the only one not to go insane.  When his creator died in an accident, X-51 went on the run with the military in hot pursuit. After his solo series was canceled, re-started, canceled, re-started, and, finally, canceled, X-51 earned a living pulling guest appearances in other books.  It was during one of these guestshots with the X-Men that X-51 was infected with Omega Sentinel programming and got hooked on the juice.

X-51 again found himself on the run from those interested only in his body, never his mind.  He later encountered one of the monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey, an instrument of the Celestials (don’t ask).  This was actually X-51’s second encounter with one of the monoliths.  The first encounter had allowed X-51 to keep his sanity following his creation.  The Celestials, through the second monolith, offered to take X-51 with them.  He accepted and vanished from Earth.


 …. for about ten minutes.

The Celestials dumped X-51 back on Earth, apparently because he was a ****.  (Ellis’ non-words, not mine.)  Now simply going by Aaron, the android got himself a more human appearance along with some snazzy new duds and joined up with Next Wave to fight, uh, evil… probably.  The acid trip of a series was later said to be completely AU, even though the team appeared in several issues of Civil War.  Apparenly Devil Dinosaur was too important a character to be killed off for the book to remain in regular continuity.  Aaron is also sporting his Next Wave look in an upcoming issue of Ms. Marvel, so it’s still anyone’s guess of how much of Next Wave actually happened in the regular MU.















In the alternate world/future of Earth X/Universe X/Paradise X, X-51 became the new watcher when the original Watcher, Uatu, masturbated himself into blindness.  Don’t judge him too harshly.  You try having to watch hotties like Big Bertha in the shower 24/7 and see how long you last.  Didn’t you ever wonder why the Watcher wore those giant yellow dishwashing gloves?  It was to help hide his hairy palms.

Toy time: The classic & modern versions should be easy enough figures to sculpt, but would require extending arm & leg accessories.  The Next Wave version should be a little more sylized with removable limbs (a la C-3PO) and should come with some ridiculous attachable accessories like giant hacksaws and drill arms.

Which version of MM do you most want Hasbro to make?

A. Classic

B. 80’s/90’s

C. post X-men/Omega Sentinel


D. Next Wave


E. Earth X

Head over to the MakeMyMarvel! thread in negative zone to cast your vote.  There you can post comments and make suggestions for upcoming MMM’s.

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