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CC17: Odd and Obscure Foes of Captain America




Through the years, Captain America has faced many strange
foes.  BadBlackCatCustoms is proud to present the odd and obscure
enemies of Captain America.









Name:      Adam Hammond
Email:      [email protected]

Arnim Zola (First Appearance Captain America 208): made from AoA
Sabertooth’s torso, Emplate’s arms, Venom’s hands, and Phalanx’s legs.
 The ESP box was procured from the spare parts bin.  Arnim’s face was
decoupaged on.  He was modified with milliput and toothpaste tube.

Everyman (First Appearance Captain America 267): made from Aeolis head
on a Killspree body with Skullfire arms and legs.  Toothpaste tube and
milliput modifications.

Left & Right Winger (First Appearance Captain America 341): Left
Winger’s head is from Havok and Right Winger’s head is from Gambit.
Both bodies are generic (Dollar Store) bodies. Their head-wings are
made from toothpaste tube.

Death Throws (First Appearance Captain America 317):
Ring Leader: made from an Old-School Colossus head and a generic
(Dollar Store) body.  Modified with milliput (just the goggles).
KnickKnack: made from an Alpha Flight Puck, with Cyclops hair and
Morph’s hands.  Modified with rubber band, toothpaste tube and

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