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CC17: New Gods


This winter, a major motion picture event is being unleashed on the world from DC and Warner Brothers Pictures.  An adventure spanning an entire galaxy, Jack Kirby’s unparalleled pantheon of characters know collectively as the New Gods will finally make their Silver Screen debut in a film of the same name.  Two worlds at war find themselves tied by bloodlines that make the conflict fiercer.  On one side of the conflict is New Genesis, a planet of peace and harmony led by the wise and benevolent Highfather.  On the other side is the planet Apokolips, led by the grim and ruthless dictator Darkseid, who seeks not only the annihilation of New Genesis, but the means to control life throughout the universe.  The battleground for this conflict: Earth.  A visual spectacle the likes of which has never been seen…a human drama that will resonate for all time.

To tie in with the release of the film, DC Direct has developed a line of action figures that sport movie-realistic detail and paint application.  Designed by Joshua Izzo and Bruce Ross, this line will be in the 7” scale, and will feature major characters from the forthcoming blockbuster film.  Never before have Jack Kirby’s characters been treated to such a detailed and loving action figure line.  The first wave will include six figures, and is slated for release in October.



Darkseid (created by Joshua Izzo) 
As played by Michael Clark Duncan 
Head and Torso:  NECA Sin City Manute 
Arms:  Toy Biz Hulkling 
Hands:  DC Direct Solomon Grundy 
Legs:  SOTA Street Fighter T. Hawk 
Boots:  Toy Biz Marvel Legends Apocolypse 
Miscellaneous details:  Vinyl, Magic Sculpt, Lanyard





Orion (created by Johsua Izzo) 
As played by Ron Perlman 
Head:  Mezco Hellboy 
Torso:  Hasbro Planet of the Apes Ape General 
Arms:  SOTA Street Fighter Sagat & T. Hawk 
Legs:  Mezco Hellboy 
Boots:  Mattel DCSH Bane 
Miscellaneous details:  Vinyl, Magic Sculpt, Sheet Styrene, Lanyard





Metron (created by Joshua Izzo) 
As played by Elijah Wood 
Head:  NECA Sin City Kevin and Sparkplugs 
Body:  Diamond Select Iron Spider 
Mobius Chair:  Mezco Silent Screamers Maria Metropolis chair, McFarlane X-Files alien coffin and miscellaneous fodder. 
Miscellaneous details:  Magic Sculpt, Lanyard






Big Barda (created by Bruce Ross)

As played by Lucy Lawless

Head: NECA Gozer from Ghostbusters

Body: NECA Gozer from Ghostbusters

Hands: ML Deathlok

Boots: ML Iron Man

Helmet: X2 Magneto and blister card plastic

Armor: Spawn Interlink Six accessories and epoxy putty

Miscellaneous fodder







Mister Miracle (created by Bruce Ross)

As played by Aaron Eckhart

Head: ML Omega Red

Body: McFarlane Man of Miracles

Hands: Mattel Batman Figure

Sculpting: Epoxy Putty

Coat: Leather






Parademon (created by Bruce Ross)

Body/flight pack: House of M Wolverine

Hands: Age of Apocalypse Sabertooth

Details: Miscellaneous fodder

Sculpting: Epoxy putty





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