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CC17: BtVS and Angel *Invisible/Incorporeal* Line Pt. 3

Sasha (aka MsBigPileofDust) has produced a range of exclusive figures for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, the *Invisible/Incorporeal* line.

Part III – Ghost Spike

Spike Customs from Angel Episodes "Just Rewards" & "Unleashed"

Someone sends an amulet to Angel through the post. As soon as Angel touches the amulet, Spike appears. Spike was wearing the amulet when he died.

Desk-Phasing-Ghost Spike – Angel and the team discover that Spike has come back as a ghost when he lunges at Angel and ends up passing right through him and poking out of Angel’s desk.

Lukewarm-Ghost Spike – The team examine Spike and find he’s giving off heat readings.

Fading-Ghost Spike & Faded-Ghost Spike – As Spike is grumbling about his situation, he begins to fade, then disappears completely.

Hainsley-Possessing-Ghost Spike – Spike tricks an evil necromancer, Hainsley, into letting him inhabit his body. This allows Angel to kill Hainsley by beheading him. As his head falls off, Spikes ghostly head is revealed in it’s place.

Reassured-Ghost Spike – Spike is fading more and more often. He can’t control it and feels lost. When Fred reassures him, one evening, that she’ll find a way to make him corporeal again, he fights back from fading into the darkness.

Thanks to MAC, DST and ToyBiz for the parts. Thanks to Glassman for mentoring me through the mould-making & casting process.

Desk-Phasing-Ghost Spike – I used a blue shirt Spike figure. I cut him in half and removed part of his thighs. I sculpted the coat and the sleeves. I painted him looking worried. I used JJ Jamison’s desk. I glued down the wobbling items on top of the desk. I then painted the top with a black rubber surface and the rest as dark wood. I glued the desk to a stand, then glued Spike legs below and his torso above.

Lukewarm-Ghost Spike – I used a black shirt Spike figure. I removed the arms and just used the hands. I sculpted the long coat and his arms hugging around his body. He has articulation in his head. I painted Spike looking glum as Fred tests for ectoplasm readings. He has the W&H lab stand.

Before painting the sculpt, I used it to make a mould for all the translucent Spike customs.

Fading-Ghost Spike – I cast the figure in clear plastic, then added a faint layer of paint. He is glued to a Wolfram & Hart stand.
Faded-Ghost Spike – I cast the figure in clear plastic. He is glued to an identical Wolfram & Hart stand.

Hainsley-Possessing-Ghost Spike – I used a Spike head, and JJ Jamison for Hainsley’s head and body. I added sculpey to make Hainsley chubbier. I removed the finger and sculpted a fist. I added part of his tie. I painted Spike’s head a different skin tone to the body and added the neck wound. I sculpted Hainsley’s bald patch and hair and painted his severed neck.

Reassured-Ghost Spike – I cast the figure in clear plastic but replaced the head with a standard one. I painted him coming back into focus from the head downward, after previously fading into the dark.