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CC17: Historical Legends




 Leaping out of history on into toy stores this summer is an exciting new toy line from SILLOF’s Workshop – HISTORICAL LEGENDS.  This is the first wave, of many planned, that features some of histories most famous leaders.  Wave 1 features Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Thutmose III, and Leonidas.  Each comes fully poseable with very accurate period weapons and armor for to recreate history for yourself… Who says history can’t be fun?

Julius Caesar
Ancient general of Rome who took power and help oversee the transition of Rome from a Republic to the Roman Empire.  His military campaigns and sweeping reforms that empowered the masses eventually lead to his assassination.  Julius Caesar comes with Roman Gladius, or Short Sword)
Genghis Khan
Born Temüjin, Genghis Kahn would unite the feuding Mongol tribes and turn their collective might on the world.  Leading one of the, if not THE, most devastating war machines in history he created the largest contiguous empire in world history.  Genghis Khan comes with the famous Mongol short bow that could shot accurately up to 400 yards.  (Mongol short war horse sold separately)
Thutmose III
Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt also known as “The Napoleon of the Ancient World”.  His 17 military campaigns conquered over 150 cities and created on the largest and first real empires.  Thutmose III comes with the curved Egyptian scimitar.
King of the Ancient Greek city-state of Sparta and descendant of Heracles.  This leader gained notoriety after the Battle of Thermopylae, which bought the rest of Greece time to mobilize it’s forces to defend the invading Persian Army.  Leonidas comes with the feared Spartan spear and shield.

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 Julius Caesar

    • Body – Charmed Leo
    • Shoulder and Waist armor – McFarlane Conan: King Conan
    • Apoxie- Hair and olive crown

Genghis Khan

  • Head – McFarlane – Atilla the Hun custom helmet
  • Body – LOTR Eomer
  • Waist armor – McFarlane Conan: Skifel
  • Apoxie- curved up Mongol Boots
Thutmose III
  • Body – Bullseye
  • Head – ML Warmachine & McFarlane Conan: Xaltotun
  • Legs – ML Dr. Strange
  • Neck piece – McFarlane Conan: Xaltotun
  • Apoxie-feet
  • Poly-styrene – sandals
  • Body – ML Namor
  • Legs – ML Iron Fist
  • Head – McFarlane Conan: Palantides w/ new face mask.
  • Shield – ML Captain America with rings and stars puttied in.
  • Apoxie- feet, helmet details, beard, hair.
  • Poly-styrene – new helmet face guard & sandal straps




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