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Make My Marvel! – Death’s Head

Transformers. Doctor Who. X-Men. This guy gets around more than She-Hulk at an Avengers Christmas Party.  Let’s collect some bounties with the Marvel U’s second favorite guest star: Death’s Head.

Last week’s poll recap:  With 34%, you chose all or most of the modern character options.  Individually, there were only four real contenders.  Iron Man (Extremis) and Nova (Annihilation) tied for first place with 30% each.  22% of you wanted an Astonishing X-Men Beast to complete that team’s roster, while 20% of you wanted a modern Baron Zemo as seen in Thunderbolts to lead your "reformed" ML villain figures.


And on that note, let’s turn to a character that has always fit more in the "villains" catergory….

My Marvel! – Death’s Head

Robot. Bounty hunter. Two things known to be universally cool in geekdom. So, how could you go wrong smushing the two together and slapping the result with a moniker that sounds like it was ripped off from a Quiet Riot album? While cool in concept, Death’s Head turned out to be only somewhat popular in execution (no pun intended).


Death’s Head was a cyborg from the far future, stolen from his creator and re-programmed as a relentless bounty hunter. DH first gained exposure as part of the Transformers universe. Often switching sides between the autobots and decepticons, Death’s Head’s loyalty ultimately belonged to the highest bidder. Eventually, DH jumped through a time portal to escape the control of Unicron. There he encountered the Doctor from Doctor Who who shrank DH, originally a massive, transformer-sized being, to roughly the size of a human-being. The Doctor revealed himself to be the one who had originally stolen DH from his creator.  The time lord then unceremoniously dumped the cyborg off at the Baxter Building in the modern 616 Marvel Universe.

Following a short stint on Three’s Company (in between the Chrissy-to-Cindy changeover) where the cyborg failed to collect the bounty on Mr. Roper, DH later ended up in the 2020s where he was destroyed and later merged with the AIM-built cyborg Minion. The two formed Death’s Head II, who went on to match Wolverine for the most unnecessary guest appearances in other books at the time.

It’s unknown what eventually became of DHII, but an assassin droid named Death’s Head 3.0 was created by AIM a century later. Aside from the name and the robot’s intended purpose, there’s really nothing to connect the characters.

DH is roughly seven feet tall, making him one of the larger figures in ML if he were to be made. That could make him a modern BAF contender. Plus, "Marvel Legends: the Death’s Head series" has an awesome ring to it. The original Death’s Head should come with apporiate weapons of war as accessories.


Which version of Death’s Head should Hasbro make?

Death’s Head I (Transformers)


Death’s Head I (MU)


Death’s Head II


Death’s Head 3.0

As always, head on over to the Make My Marvel! poll thread in the Negative Zone forum and cast your vote for the Death’s Head incarnation you want most.  There you can leave feedback and make suggestions for future MMMs!

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