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4H Reveal Final Two of Eight Variants


 Having sold out of all of the variant exclusives for FANtastic
Exclusive 2006 in record time, the Four Horsemen have come up with
something even bigger and better for FANtastic Exclusive 2007

 Rising up from the Mutant kingdom to oppose the previously revealed
Ramathorr – the Elephant Swordsman and his Anitherian Guardsmen, two
ghoulish beasts lumber out of the darkness to do battle!

 Decimating anything and anyone in their path, with inhuman, guttural
noises they scream out their own names as if they were battle cries!
Ggruxx and Ssejjhhorr – the evil Mutant Warriors!

  Both Ggruxx and SSejjhhorr will come equipped with dual battle-axes,
and faux fur loin-cloths.

  The gargantuan, green Ggruxx will be available as an extremely limited
exclusive item through Toy Rocket (

 The repulsive, red SSejjhhorr will be available as an extremely
limited exclusive item through (

 Both of these beasts will also be available as part of the Anitherian
Nine set through Store Horsemen ( Price
and production run to be determined and announced at a later time.

 Pre-orders for these and all of the individual FANtastic Exclusive
2007 variant figures will begin soon – many immediately after this
press release has hit, so run to place your pre-orders NOW!
 Prices and production numbers will vary from exclusive to exclusive.
Each company decided the price and production number for their own

 Below is a handy, dandy list of all of the FANtastic Exclusive 2007
figures and where you can go to get information about how to pre-order

–       Ramathorr – the Elephant Swordsman ($25.00 plus s&h) – San Diego
Comic Con & Store Horsemen –

–       The Hammer of Gholl – Diamond/Previews –

–       The Mace of Broggah – October Toys/Toy Break & San Diego Comic Con &

–       The Club of Thraugnn – Fwooshnet –

–       The Shield of Draumm – Raving Toy Maniac –

–       The Gauntlet of Vaskkh – Action Figure Xpress –

–       The Helm of Xaamn – Big Bad Toy Store –

–       Mutant Soldier Ggruxx – Toy Rocket –

–       Mutant Soldier Ssejjhhorr – Figures.com

–       The Anitherian Nine Set ($225.00 plus s&h – limited to 100 sets!!) –
Available to FANtastic Exclusive message board members ONLY for roughly
the first 48 hours. After the first 48 hours, the sets will be made
available to the general public – if there are any left! Pre-orders for
FANtastic Exclusive 2007 message board members are scheduled to begin
sometime early Friday (June 5th) morning. – FANtastic Exclusive
2007/Store Horsemen –

 FANtastic Exclusive 2007. More emphasis on the FAN than ever before!


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