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4H Reveal Fifth of Eight Variants


 Having sold out of all of the variant exclusives for FANtastic
Exclusive 2006 in record time, the Four Horsemen have come up with
something even bigger and better for FANtastic Exclusive 2007

 Joining with the previously revealed Ramathorr: Captain of the
Anitherian Guard, and four of his most trusted guardsmen – The Hammer
of Gholl, The Mace of Broggah, The Club of Thraugnn, and The Shield of
Draumm – a fifth combatant steps onto the battlefield alongside



 Action figure fans were clamoring for a Rhino variant to go along with
all of the rest of Ramathorr’s crew, and the Four Horsemen listened.

 Charging into battle against all who oppose the realm of Animynthus
comes  – ‘ The Gauntlet of Vaskkh!’

 Continuing over the next few weeks – every Tuesday and Friday – the
Four Horsemen plan to reveal another of the Anitherian Nine, and the
company which will be carrying that excusive figure, to action figure

 The Gauntlet of Vaskkh will come equipped with a two intimidating
battle axes!

 The Gauntlet of Vaskkh will be available as an extremely limited
exclusive item through Action Figure Xpress
(http://www.ActionFigureXpress ) and as part of the Anitherian Nine set
through Store Horsemen ( Price and
production run to be determined and announced at a later time.

 Be sure to check back at your favorite action figure news outlet every
Tuesday and Friday for new images and info on the remaining members of
Fantastic Exclusive 2007’s Anitherian Nine!
 Coming Friday: The Helm of Xaanm!

 FANtastic Exclusive 2007! What could possibly be next?