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Diamond Emma Frost – TRU Exclusive (HML1)

Fwoosher joedick shared some photos of his latest acquisition – the Diamond Emma Frost variant that is exclusive to Toys ‘R Us. 

Of his find, he said, "There were some mixed reactions when [the HML 1 Emma] came out (to put it mildly), and this figure won’t change anyone’s impressions.  It’s a neat idea for a variant, though it could mark an interesting time for the line."

He continued, "Early reports are that this is a ‘regional’ variant (in Canada only). I think ToyBiz did a great job with the variants after some initial growing pains, and how Hasbro deals with them could dictate whether many collectors stick with the line or not.  Still, with this figure shipping in straight cases, it should be fairly easy to find.  With a bit of patience, everyone should get one!"


Our inside sources confirmed that this will get wide release at Toys ‘R Us in late March, including the United States.  No word yet on whether this will be distributed outside of North American TRUs.

More photos:


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