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Winner: THE GREAT FWOOSH CUSTOM GIVEAWAY for September 2006!!!

Face front, True Believers!!

The WINNER of the GREAT FWOOSH CUSTOM GIVEAWAY for September ‘06 is…

(drum roll, please)


thx3188 is now the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind, Marvel Legends Ultimate Wolverine custom by none other than MADDOG himself!

Congratulations to the new winner, Yet another heartfelt thanks to Maddog for generously donating his custom, and a hearty slap-on-the-back as consolation to the other folks who entered. Better luck next time.


  Wait.  Did I just say…”next time”?  There’s a “next time”?!?

You bet your sweet Asgardian there’s a next time, Fellow Fwoosher!

The Fwoosh Bullpen is already hard at work on The Great Fwoosh Custom Giveaway for November 2006… giving you yet another opportunity to win a fantastic custom by one of the Fwoosh’s master crafters!*

Tune in to this very space in 5 short weeks for the chance!

*What’s November’s custom? Ahhhh, my lips are sealed, Faithful one. Perhaps I could go all stealthy ninja and sneak in a couple of hints? Nah… a real American hero wouldn’t spoil the surprise, anyway.

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