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Legends Action Figure Newsletter 166

Hello people, Hope everyone is well.
Here are a few updates:

Well, We just got back from the Wizard World con in Chicago where we had a blast. A lot, a lot, a lot of new products arrived while we were away so we won’t keep you waiting. Let’s get down to it right away:

Here is our weekly Newsletter:

Marvel Legends: Giant-Man Series
                        Showdown Series 3 Starters & Boosters
                         Military Box Set
                         Elvis 6: Aloha Hawaii
                         3-D Album Cover: Sex Pistols
                         NFL 2-Pack: Polamalu & Hasselbeck
Cult Classics: Series 4
                Superman: Through the Ages Box Set
                13" Lex Luthor Collector Figure
                Looney Tunes Series 2
Fantastic Four Classic: Series 2
Superman Returns: House of El 2-Pack
Be-Goths: 12" Series 5
Emily the Strange: Bendy Figures
                Mace Windu Jedi Starfighter
                Saga Basic Figures wave 5 
                Heroes & villians (greatest battles) Wave 1
                Kotobukiya Commander Bly Model
Street Fighter: Series 4
Rat Fink: Action Figures


Star Wars: Unleashed Battle Pack: Wave 3 (Hoth)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hawaiian Angel & Spike 2-Pack
Star Trek: TNG: Picard & Troi Asst.
Classic Cartoons: Underdog Vinyl Figure
Medicom: 12" Real Action Heroes: Evangelion Rei Ayanami
                                                   Evangelion Asuka Langley Sohryu
               VCD: Darth Vader
Hot Toys: 12" Robocop
               12" Vasquez (Aliens)
               12" Apone (Aliens)
               12" Hicks (Aliens)
Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest: Series 2
                                                           12" Davy Jones
McFarlane Toys: Hanna-Barbera: Series 1 + Box Set
Sideshow Collectibles: Star Wars 1:1 Greedo Bust
                                  Star Wars 12" Kit Fisto
                                  Star Wars: Premium Format Princess Leia
            LOTR: Epic Scale Balrog
Marvel: Marvel Legends Series 14
           Amazing Spider-Man: Series 18
           Marvel Legends Masterworks Series 1
  1) Marvel Legends: Series 14
  2) Star Wars 12" Darth Maul
  3) Star Wars: Saga Collection Wave 6
  4) McFarlane Toys: Lost Series 1
  5) Star Wars 12" Kit Fisto 
  6) Cult Classics: Series 5
  7) Nightmare Before Christmas: 24" Talking Jack Skellington
  8) Star Wars: Greatest Battles Series 2
  9) Code Lyoko: Series 1
  1) Marvel Legends: Giant-Man Series
  2) Star Wars Heroes & villians (greatest battles) Wave 1 
  3) Fantastic Four Classic: Series 2
  7) DC Direct: Green Lantern Series 2
  9) Clerks: Series 5: Chasing Amy
We are authorized dealers for the following companies:
If you don’t see it here, doesn’t mean we don’t have it, e-mail us !!!!
Have a Good week!!!
Steve, José, André, Henri, Frédéric, Simon & Chewie !
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