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DST E-Spectrum No.028

In case you did not hear, the newest addition to the DST stable of
licenses is none other than / Rocky!/ Look for Italian Stallion related
prop replicas and Minimates later in the year as we get closer to the
release of the newest film /Rocky Balboa!/

* Exclusive Star Trek Twopack Now Available!*

The latest /Star Trek: The Next Generation/ figures are out, including
this great exclusive from New Force Comics! Their /Nemesis/ Riker & Troi
twopack has arrived and is now shipping from their warehouse.

Sculpted by Art Asylum, these movie-uniform lovebirds are a crucial part
of any Star Trek collection. With interchangeable hands and a slew of
high-tech accessories from the film, the /Nemesis/ Riker & Troi twopack
also includes two transporter-pad style bases. Beam up this latest
addition to the Star Trek universe today by ordering at <>!


* New in the Store*

Straight from Buffy’s Season 4 battle with Adam, "Primeval" Buffy
includes an axe, tazer gun, Adam’s power core and Initiative display
base. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, "Primeval" Buffy is in scale
with past releases and features multiple points of articulation. Make
sure to pick up this Diamond Select Toys exclusive before it?s too late!

Click here for order information <store/item.asp?ItemNo=43188>

* Now Shipping*

He may be dead for now, but you know that never lasts? Right from the
cover of /The Avengers #223/, the Marvel Milestones Hawkeye statue
depicts the purple-clad hero with arrow drawn ? ready to take on the
Taskmaster! This highly-detailed sculpt by Gabriel Marquez also features
Ant-Man hitching a ride on Hawkeye?s arrow! Standing an impressive 12?
tall on an Avengers-style base, this piece is limited to 2,500 pieces
and includes a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of


*Top 10 Store Items*

1. Star Trek Captain Kirk In Chair SDCC Exclusive
2. BTVS Primeval Buffy Figure <store/item.asp?ItemNo=43188>
3. Marvel Select Moon Knight Figure <store/item.asp?ItemNo=47557>
4. ATS Deluxe Destiny Angel & Spike Set <store/item.asp?ItemNo=47563>
5. Star Trek TNG Enterprise E <store/item.asp?ItemNo=41164>
6. BTVS Sunnydale High Library Playset <store/item.asp?ItemNo=43167>
7. BTVS & ATS Deluxe Hawaiian Shirt Angel & Spike Twopack
8. BTVS Summers Family Album Box Set <store/item.asp?ItemNo=45382>
9. BTVS Buffy & Dawn Action Figures
10. Star Trek TNG Riker & Worf Figures

*DST On the Road

08/17/06 ? 08/20/06 ? Las Vegas Star Trek Convention

09/01/06 ? 09/03/06 ? Fan Expo Canada

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