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Quick Pics – NECA SDCC 2013 Exclusive Jason Voorhees


This type of article is a little out of my normal offerings because you can hardly call it a “feature” since it is so short, but I really wanted to put SOMETHING together for this figure because, well, I think it is completely awesome. So kudos to NECA for putting out the coolest show exclusive for SDCC 2013. Their “Nintendo” Jason Voorhees, while simple in concept, has been realized in such amazingly slick fashion, it makes so many of the other things I picked up at the show seem so, well, boring.

Yes, in essence this is just one of their previous Jason figures with a new basic deco and some glow in the dark paint, but the fact that they made him to match the character from the old NES game is just so creative and well-done. Everything about this release is spot-on perfect, and it made me do something I NEVER do: keep an action figure in the package. Yep, the recreation of an old Nintendo game box and graphics from the actual game make this too stunning to even open. “You and your friends are dead,” are you kidding me? Nailed it. They even adapted the old Nintendo “Seal of Quality” for NECA. That is just warms the geek cockles to their core. So I apologize that this is not something more substantial in terms of a review, but I just admire this piece so much that I wanted to share something about it.

Oh, and I did hear that NECA got the idea from an online fan and even sent him some samples of the figure as a “thank you” for the insanely cool idea. That is classy, plain and simple. So, good on you, NECA for making such a cool exclusive, and even better on you for handling it so well.