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Spero: Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series Two Kickstarter Funds

Spero’s Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series Two Kickstarter started a few days ago with four new body types and already funded! Reptiles, Brawlers, Females, and Speedsters are now going into production, so you can hop on now to get them. The first wave will be the Reptiles and Brawlers who will arrive in the fall of 2024. The new reptile body looks amazing and I’m super into the blue raptor looking Corvias. For the cold-blooded characters they unlock a red version of the lizard man at $120,000 and alternate head pack at $130,000.

The brawlers are the Lion Man King Hannibal and Kahlee Prime. They are bigger than the standard body, but smaller than the Gorilla body from the first wave. They get a weapon pack and a more modern armored bull-dog Grimes will be unlocked at $160,00 and alternate heads at $170,000.

Wave two will hit in Spring of 2025 and features female characters and thinner males. I’m especially interested in the rabbit Kanji and the cybernetic fox Boone.

The female Lady Jadoo is my favorite of the new ladies and a lion unlocks at $190,000 and head packs at $200,000.

There’s also a force ghost verion of Pale exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign.

I got the first wave of figures and they have super-solid construction with excellently functional articulation and the new figures are going to sport improvements like a calf swivels and pinless joints. I’m in for at least Corvias, Boone, and Kanji, but I may get some more, at least one of each type. I like the more modern vibes of Boone and Grimes’ gear and weapons, so I’m getting Grimes to go with Boone if Grimes unlocks.

There are still plenty of stretch goals to hit like extra head packs and new figures, so go pledge if you are interested! They don’t take the money until the end of the campaign but the earlier you pledge, the better to unlock and create momentum for the campaign.