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Fwoosh Briefs: The Nacelle Company Biker Mice From Mars Throttle Review

Are there mice on Maaaaa-aaaa-a-a-ars?

The Biker Mice From Mars are a ‘90s property, which is a little later than my usual ‘80s nostalgic zone, but…sometimes a concept just feels like something that you need to own. Take some Martian mice and put them on bikes and…yeah, it really speaks for itself.

I have absolutely no knowledge about the Biker Mice. The most I know is that it ran for 65 episodes in the mid ‘90s. Having one in hand, I fully intend on watching a few episodes of the cartoon, but as of this writing…all I know is what I have in my hand.

It’s a Mouse.

He rides a bike.

He’s from Mars.

With that said, and with my admitted ignorance, it is a pretty cool toy. My initial intentions were to just get the leader of the group, but once I had it in hand and fiddled with it, I figured I should go ahead and grab the remaining two characters that are currently out. I don’t think I’ll be getting all the bikes, but I think I’ll get Throttle’s, since he’s the leader.

I like the aesthetic. There’s definitely a biker feel to him. He feels like a mouse Dreadnok or something. The sculpt goes in a cartoon-faithful direction, so there’s no attempt at presenting a more realistic take on him. I like that.

The articulation works very well. He’s got double jointed elbows and knees, a wibble joint in the torso that does a pretty good job considering the vest, and—oddly—ball jointed hips. Ball-jointed hips in 2024 does feel a little odd, but at least they’re not the oversized orbs of yesteryear. Despite the balls, they figure still feels streamlined.

His tail is ball-jointed, so you can get some decent motion out of it.

Throttle comes with a nice array of accessories. He comes with three sets of hands: fists, grips and expressive. He comes with three heads: neutral, mouth open and helmeted, for when he’s riding his bike.

The pegs for the heads feel a little small and shallow. I’d have liked a sturdier connection, because the head that was attached to the neck in package was a little on the loose side. The two heads that weren’t pre-stretched out fit snugger, but a firmer connection would have been better.

He comes with a laser pistol and some kind of disc launcher, with two extra disks. To be honest, I have no idea if he’s holding it right, or anything about them. That’s why I’m going to watch the cartoon.

Also: hot dog. Mouse with a hot dog.

The figure moves well, looks great and feels sturdy. If this had been an ‘80s property I’m not sure if I would have been into it or not, but as an older and wiser toy collector this is a pretty cool addition to the collection.