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Fwoosh Briefs: Mattel Masters of the Universe New Eternia Snout Spout Review

Did anybody have Snout Spout on their list of potential greatest action figures of 2024?

The Mattel Creations exclusive Snout Spout somehow exceeds all expectations. I’m on record as saying that the New Eternia versions of the MotU characters are some of the best versions of these figures we’ve ever had. And I don’t say that as any attempt to downplay the greatness of the Classics line that came before it. Since most of those figures were built off of a 2008 aesthetic, style and articulation-wise, then a 2024 figure had better exceed it.

But damn…look at that schnozz. There are five points of articulation in his trunk. He has light piping in his eyes. Light piping was responsible for making Super Powers Darkseid one of the creepiest toys I owned as a kid, and I’m glad to see it hasn’t gone away 40 years later.

Outside of just the fantastically articulated nose, his ears are articulated. His tusks are articulated. Hell, the dial on his belt is articulated.

Most of the rest of his articulation is similar to the rest of the line, with double jointed knees, a great torso joint and drop-down hips. There’s a single swivel-hinge joint at his elbow, which is perfectly fine for his size.

He poses great. He looks great. He’s not exactly fully classic, but he’s also not the 200x modernization. He’s somewhere in a comfortable middle.

I love all the little details here and there. The water tank on his back has varying water levels. The tubes have a flexibility to them that makes every Apocalypse figure jealous.

He comes with two pairs of hands: gripping and fists. He also comes with his axe, complete with the same type of knuckle guard the vintage figure had. Except this axe looks like it could take down a tree in one swipe.

The last accessory is a clear blue water-burst effect that plugs into the end of his nose.

I never had Snout Spout as a kid, but with Classics, Origins and now the New Eternia version, I feel like I’ve more than made up for it. Since Snout Spout and Rio Blast had a combative partnership in some media, I’m hoping for a Rio Blast that is just as excellent as this figure.