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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Fanstream

The Legends Team had a fanstream this morning on YouTube with a ton of cool reveals. The highlight for me has got to be the Build-a-Figure Zabu.

They kicked it off with a couple of reminders about last week’s Deadpool rei-issues and a quick look at a production Giant-Man head:

They then showed off some new Spider-Man Cartoon figures including a Dr. Strange and Morbius two-pack exclusive to Pulse, a Carnage figure coming to Target, and Prowler coming to Walmart. Seems to me like Prowler and Carnage would work pretty well in a comic figure display too.

There’s an upcoming two-pack to complete this version of the FF. No release date yet and it’s a fan-channel exclusive.

There are a bunch of Captain America related exclusives hitting this year that were planned when the Cap movie was actually going to be in theaters in 2024. Evil Cap is going to Walmart (pre-order at collector con soon), Sam Cap to Target (up 2/28), and Zemo and Zola pack coming to Amazon. The Zemo has a really nice Kirby vibe on the unmasked head that I like.

The SHIELD three-pack includes Nick Fury Jr., Sharon Carter on the Black Widow Body and Dum Dum Duggan on a thicker body. They have a lot of hands and accessories not all revealed today.

They wrapped up with a new wave of figures including the previously announced Red Widow, a comic based Ikaris, Black Winter, Superior Iron Man, Cable, Wolfsbane, and Ka-Zar with a BAF Zabu.

Ikaris has a fairly Classic look, though I’m really seeing a Daniel Acuna style in the face in hair and the darker blue costume.

I’m not familiar with the Dark Winter character, but it makes re-use of that recent Thor figure. I feel like the hair has a floating feel like he’s under water.

Superior Iron Man is kinda neat looking, again I didn’t read this story, so I have no connection and I’m glad he doesn’t have a BAF piece.

Wolfsbane in X-Factor style was one of the highlights for me. Looking forward to completing my X-Factor team and hopefully an eventual Feral figure using these furry parts.

We are calling this comic Cable, but I know I’m thinking Marvel VS Capcom.

Ka-Zar looks fantastic in his furry underpants glory and his pal Zabu is the Build-a-Figure. Zabu looks like another great animal character from Hasbro and features an articulated jaw. The wave goes up for pre-order 2/22 at 1:00 PM.

There was also a tease for an upcoming figure. Looks very barbaric. Maybe more Savage Land?

What are you guys picking up? I’m down for the Zabu wave for sure, though I’m a bit bummed to buy Red Widow and Black Winter to get him! The new Zemo also calls to me. I think I have the red-skull version of Zola, so I might not mind replacing that one with a brighter orange take.