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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Series Firefly Review

This is the Firefly I wanted all along.

The Classified Series has already come out with a Firefly figure with some updated aesthetics to his overall look, and it was…fine, if you’re the kind of person that wants updates. I say “fine” with that kind of drawn out, wishy-washy tone to the word. I liked the figure well enough to give it a favorable review.

But I knew that if a more classic-styled version came along, that was the one that would steal my heart immediately.

As toys go, it wasn’t too long a wait. But he’s here. He’s here, and I am satisfied.

This time around, Firefly ditches the over-armored look in favor of his more classic stylings, which means he actually has some range of motion in his torso, something that is always welcome, especially for a ninja type like Firefly.

I haven’t made a mental log of all the various body parts that the Joe line has been accumulating, so I’m not entirely sure what on this figure is new or old. There’s definitely some new parts, but everything works seamlessly together so…yeah. The end result is a great looking figure.

The head is newly sculpted and doesn’t have the comic-cover-inspired crazy-eyes of the previous figure. I didn’t mind that—along with the lopsided mask—but this one is far more classic and subdued, with more of a hint of menace than crazy, which is my preferred Firefly characterization. After a handful of rough figures, it looks like the paint printing is getting back under control, because everything looks right on this figure, and is in the right place.

Without having to work around bulky overlays, the figure is very well articulated. The torso articulation is slightly loose on mine—nothing overly floppy, but a little more wiggle than I’d prefer. He’s not tipping under his won weight, so it’s more nuisance than figure-killer.

He comes with a wide array of accessories, and they’re not just a copy-paste from the previous figure. This time around he leans further away from the Nerf-=like weaponry of those earlier Joes. He has a pistol and sub-machine gun, both of which can be outfitted with the included silencer. His backpack feels a little more classic in execution. There are two mines which can be attached to the backpack. In lieu of the drone his previous figure came with, he has a radio-controlled car this time, with a tiny controller/detonator. The wheels really roll.

Like the previous figure, he comes with night vision goggles that slide on and off easily.

He comes with a knife that slides into the holster on his forearm guard. While I like it in theory, and dig that it calls back to the knife that is attached to the original figures forearm, I’ve decided the forearm guards are not going to be a permanent part of my Firefly, streamlining him even further.

His gun, RC and mines all connect to pegs on his backpack, so he continues the trend of being able to store most of his accessories on his person.

I’m thrilled to death to have a classically styled Firefly in the line. The ’84 villains are some of the most iconic of all of Cobra, and Firefly feels finally checked off. We’re just a Wild Weasel away.