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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Series Deluxe Tripwire Review

Tripwire is not a character where my mind immediately goes to “deluxe,” but the figure comes with quite a few options, allowing you to build the Tripwire you see in your head, so it all works out.

I didn’t have the original Tripwire, but I got a second chance at him when he was included in the inaugural Tiger Force assortment. Since I do have a sentimental attachment to Tripwire’s Tiger Force coloring, I hope that is an option later…however I wouldn’t mind a more stripped-down version that time.

With the deluxe treatment, you build two or more versions of Tripwire. There’s a fully loaded version, with far more of a bomb-disposal flavor, and then there’s a few variations of his less bulky “vintage” attire.

The base figure is the usual well-articulated Classified offering, albeit with the usual restrictions caused by the various overlays. You’ll get some waist motion, but there’s no chance of any mobility in the torso with either overlay you plan on using.

He does get some range out of his neck, but there seemed to be less wibble in his wobble. The joint is either a little tight or the head is snugger to the neck, so while there is motion, you don’t get the more expressive range of some other figures. It’s not terrible, but just noticeable.

Tripwire comes with two vest overlays. One is a more slimmed down vintage-inspired, and one is more of a modern take. Couple that with the full helmet and the neck overlay and it looks like it would take something close to a low-yield nuke to knock him off his feet.

I like the overall look of his fully decked out uniform. It’s not going to be my default look due to my own proclivities, but if I were in the market for a more modern, upgraded look it definitely has attitude. I’m always a bit of a sucker for a full helmet look like this, but my heart belongs to the vintage.

Even with the vintage look, you can give him a bit more protection with a lighter version of the neck protector and a couple of shoulderpads. While they do beef him up, I am aiming for as vintage as possible, so none of those will end up as my default appearance.

His headsculpt works well for the character, and the vintage style helmet fits perfectly, with the chinstrap hugging his chin just right.

For accessories, Tripwire comes with his minesweeper, a backpack with a hose that connects the two, and a couple of mines. Unlike the vintage backpack that stored all three mines, you can only store one mine due to the pegs.

The minesweeper fits well in his hand and looks great. I’m glad the hose is a nice flexible material.

He comes with a pistol that fits into a holster on his leg.

The accessory that pushes him further into the deluxe realm is the M.C.L.E.O.D. (Mobile Armored Control Lever for Explosive Ordnance Disposal). The first person that calls it Gavin gets blown up. The “arm” is well articulated, with three points of articulation, and a swivel at the base. Tripwire comes with a remote control to simulate sending the little dude into hazardous situations.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a rat. A bomb-sniffing rat. Like a Ratakablooey. Apsara is its name. Let’s hope it’s not a single-use rat. A Splatrat.

With previously released figures along with upcoming announced figures, we’re just a Doc away from having the complete carded 83 Joes in Classified form, and a Doc away from having the entire 83 carded lineup in Classified form. What I’m saying is Doc is a must.

Tripwire is another fine entry into the Gi Joe Classified line.