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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Origins Deluxe Skeleton Warriors Two-Pack Review

With a guy named Skeletor as the main villain, Skeleton Warriors are a perfect fit for Masters of the Universe.

While the original vintage line never delved into Skeleton Warriors, this Origins line is doing a great job at “just like vintage…but better!” by giving us a great two pack with enough options for building up an insane army of skeletons with a decent array of articulation.

The sculpting does a good job at giving these figures that stripped down vintage feel. They’re not aiming for anatomical perfection but aesthetic representation. These aren’t strictly hollow jumbles of bones but they’re also not fully “fleshed” out bodies either, hitting some balance in between the two.

Overall, they feel inhuman and creepy and like a perfect fit with the rest of the evil warriors.

The articulation is essentially Origins standard, which means swivel hinge elbows and knees, ball jointed hips and heads and rotation at the waist. You’re not getting a ton of super-articulation, but what is there does the job. While I am definitely a fan of hyper-articulation, I can’t really complain about the range we get with these. It’s more about heightened vintage than it is getting all crazy with things, and I have the Masterverse line if I want my MotU with a bit more motion. I’m happy with the balance struck here.

The set features a pair of skeletons, one with silver accents on the and one with purple. I like the look of a skull with a horned helmet. It screams medieval asskicker or heavy metal album art.  

There is an added bonus to the waist articulation: if you pop them apart and remove the skirt-piece they’re wearing the familiar furry loincloth. This adds some much needed diversity to them if you’re planning on army building and don’t want a legion of lookalike skirted skeletons.

Of course, you could always remove the torso armor for even more diversity.

The set comes with a wide variety of weaponry, most of which we’ve seen before, but all cast in a bright ecto-green color. It’s very reminiscent of the weapon set that came with the vintage Castle Grayskull. You get an axe, sword, shield, flail, poleaxe, and spear. They hold all of the weapons very well in their bony little gripping hands.

Finally, they both have a glow in the dark feature. It’s not the brightest glow, but hitting it with a concentrated dose of light for a decent amount of time does charge it up decently enough to glow fairly well in a dark room. They look pretty great in a neutral state, but the ability to glow in the dark does give them a nice little bonus.

Overall this is a fun set of figures, and fills a skeleton sized hole in the Origins collection.