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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Deluxe Joe Fixit Review

That time an intelligent gray Hulk became a mob enforcer.

The Hulk has been through many changes over the years, but his stint as mob muscle has got to be one of the more unique. While this is Hasbro’s second attempt at a Joe Fixit era Hulk, it’s really the only one that counts, due to a number of factors. First, the other seemed to lean a bit more greenish in hue. But the biggest determining factor that gives this one the edge is those pinstripes. Pinstripes maketh the made man, and this one is pinstriped all up and down.

I’m a big fan of most eras of the Hulk, and the Joe Fixit era is no different. I love the idea of him in a suit, and the figure works very well getting the point across. It’s only missing one thing that would have put him over the top for me, but I’ll get to that in a second.

The articulation is decent if not spectacular. Since it’s a suited body you don’t get any range in the upper torso. There is a waist swivel that affords you a bit of side to side. The jacket also impedes a certain amount of his hip motion. You can get his legs to come forward and outward, but you’re not getting psycho splits out of him.

You get about 90 degrees out of both the elbow and knee joints, with their swivel-hinge joints. Considering the design, I’m actually okay with the range of motion, even if it’s on the limited side.

I do love the chunky heft to him. He’s got a nice intimidating bulk. This is not a guy you want to screw around with.

He comes with two heads. One is a hatless, slightly more manic head, with a wide toothy grin and an overall sinister expression. I like it quite a bit, and ordinarily it might have been my default head, but I have to give the edge to his second head, which is a slightly calmer head that oozes subtle disgust and annoyance. This one has a hat permanently attached, and the overall presence this head adds to the figure pushes this towards being my default head for him.

On one hand I’d have liked the option to use the hat on either head, but it is way less fidgety having the hat permanently attached to one head. And if it had to be affixed to either, I’m glad it’s connected to the head it’s on.

He comes with two sets of hands. Like any good Hulk, he comes with a pair of fists, and he also comes with a set of trigger/open hands.

The hands are fine, but they are part of my largest and only issue, and that is I do wish they had been white gloved hands instead of bare gray hands. My mental image of Hulk at this time of his life is white gloved hands, and I always liked the aggressive feel that the white gloves gave him.

His final accessory is a bigass Tommy gun. It’s a fine inclusion, although he doesn’t quite hold it naturally due to his girth and articulation. He must have had it special made for him, because it’s three times the size of a normal gun.  

Overall, it’s great to have a decent interpretation of the Joe Fixit era. I’d buy another if they went more in a battle-damaged direction, maybe this time with some white gloves that were backwards compatible with this figure.