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SDCC 2023: Mezco Booth

SDCC can get me in trouble because I’ll see a lot of stuff in person that I passed on, but seeing it in person makes me rethink those decisions and spend even more money! The Mezco booth was definitely one of those situations for me this year.

The highlight for me was a couple of diorama scenes showing some Rumble Society figures duking it out with various villains. The tomb full of creepy mummies fighting Doc Nocturnal is especially cool with a plethora of creepy human mummies and an amazing science experiment gone wrong gorilla mummy. I want to buy that.

The Fantastic Four set was on hand with Dr. Doom and both looked extremely impressive.

The Ninja Turtle set really caught my eye as a different take on the quartet that I’m regretting on passing on now. They feel like a mix between Mirage and the current book looks.

The G.I. Joe stuff was also looking hot. The Hasbro Classified Timber is a tough one to top, but this Timber looked fantastic to me. I also really like the vibes of the Roadblock. The helmet is a nice cross between a modern military and classic figure look.

The Indy figure portrait is great and I’m impressed with how crisp the suit is on Toht.

I shouldn’t be surprised about the suit because the Dick Tracy figures also look particularly sharp.

Solomon Kane is looking cool too.

I was also impressed with all of the 5 Points figures. I haven’t been following them, but the cardboard play sets for the Universal-ish Monsters and Doc Nocturnal look so fun and took me back to my old Remco carrying case for the Universal Monster figures.