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NECA: SDCC Exclusive Ultimate Gremlins Showgirl Dress Greta First Look

We are making #MogwaiMonday a thing, so move over, Barbie – this summer’s REAL crush is Greta from Gremlins 2, and her new SDCC exclusive from NECA has her looking better than ever before.

The summer convention season is upon us, and no show is bigger than the grand ball itself – the San Diego Comic Con. There is never a shortage of show-exclusive collectibles, and like past years, NECA is rolling with some pretty great offerings for 2023. Fortunately, they were made available for non-attendees via a pre-sale late last month, but for those attending the show, you will get a chance to get your mitts on the goods first. Gremlins has a history longer than just about any other property with NECA, and it is one of my absolute favorites.

So, it’s only appropriate that they are spotlighting the Gremlins once again with a fun SDCC piece – Showgirl Dress Greta. It’s funny, Greta is one of, if not THE most memorable character Gremlin from The New Batch, but it was only a few years ago when we were wondering if she would show up in the NECA line. Well, we have been spoiled as of late because this Showgirl Dress version marks the third Greta entry into the line, joining the standard and wedding dress editions. The appearance marked the climax of the big mid-movie musical number (G2 is TRIP, y’alls), and with this release, we now have all of the important Great bases covered.

Once again, NECA has used most of the basic Greta base and reinvented it into this wholly new and unique look. Now, due to the style of dress she wears here, a new body piece was sculpted to add the emphasis that was required. The rest has been done with some new deco operations, but it’s the elaborate and rather stunning soft goods that really make this figure come to life. I have said it before – I am not the biggest fan of cloth on my figures, but there is no arguing how insanely good the new dress and boa are for this figure. There are several different fabrics and materials used here to represent the different sections of the dress, and it is all highlighted by sequins and rhinestones. To say that this Greta is flashy is a definite understatement. and that plunging “V” does a great job of holding it together past some very forbidden sections…

Anyway, there is also quite a bit of wire-supported seams that help keep the various layers of the dress in place, and allow you to style it the way you see fit. Greta retains her high heels which as a shoe choice, is dubious for balancing with any action figure, but since the dress obscures her feet and legs, you can pose them with only function in mind, without having to worry about the form.

Once again, Greta has her rooted and vibrant green hair, but this time it can be held in place with the included red rose hair clip. It is not a clip in the simple representative accessory form, it is an actual hair that functions for its purpose. She also had a hot pink boa that can be positioned a number of ways around her shoulders, as well as an alternate pair of hands. I prefer the set of hands that are not packaged on the figure over the others – they just feel more expressive.

The sculpting and paint work pretty much goes without saying at this point: if you are familiar with this Gremlins line in the least, you know it some of the strongest work that NECA does. As representative plastic action figures, these look better than just about anything else on the market, and if you have been with the line since the start, you have quite the Gremlins collection going at this point. I know it is one of the highlights of my collection space for sure.

If you are a Gremlins collector, you will not want to miss this release of Greta. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other two versions, but this one might just be my favorite. If you missed the pre-sale, you will need to pick her up a the booth in San Diego. I can’t help but wonder if she will appear again at shows later this year, but we will have to wait and see.

*Thanks to NECA for sending this sample along for an early look

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