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Hasbro: Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive Deadpool and Bob Revealed

I wasn’t expecting Deadpool to be featured in a Marvel Legends SDCC exclusive, but then again, I probably should have.

You know, with all the Deadpool movie news lately, it only makes sense.

Comicbook just broke the news about the Deadpool and Bob, so check them out for the little bit of info. There’s not many pics at all, hopefully Hasbro will be following up later today.

They say there’s going to be 28 accessories and if you peek the sides of the package Deadpool has an alternate half masked head that looks familiar, and then assorted weapons on the front. Then I’m guessing more hands. 28 is a lot though, I wanna see what else it comes with.

And at first glance you may think “Aw, it’s just the DP and Bob we already have. Nope. The heads may be reuse but the bodies are upgraded. Deadpool is on the newer Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows body, and then Bob is sporting what I think is Sunfire. I don’t know, I’m losing track. I just know they are pinless and not Bucky Cap. No, not the new Bucky Cap, the old Bucky Cap. See what I mean?

12 thoughts on “Hasbro: Marvel Legends SDCC Exclusive Deadpool and Bob Revealed

  1. The Thunderbolts SDCC set from 10 years ago had 1 accessory included. Hasbro’s including way more accessories these days. We were lucky to get any accessories at all 10 years ago with basic figures.

  2. I honestly hate when Hasbro makes important characters into con exclusives, but at least lately the figures eventually go up for sale on Hasbro Pulse.

  3. That’s the Deadpool I’ve been waiting for, but I’m not sure about paying for a two pack when I only want one figure out of the set.

  4. It is very good set I can’t wait for it to be pre-order I wanted to have a new deadpool and that hydra trooper doesn’t look bad either, I hope there will be even more interesting Marvel legends to buy.

  5. I mean, they both look great, but I say this in all sincerity as a Deadpool fan: who cares about Bob from Hydra in 2023? They just took the Retro Legends Deadpool figure from a few years ago, maybe spruced him up or down. I’m not worried about the details. Then they had some excess Hydra 2 packs lying around and decided to put a Bob head on it. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. We’ve got ourselves a Comic Con Exclusive!

    This is good for collectors who missed out on the retro DP (do NOT google that phrase!) It’s not a bad box set (until you see the price), it’s just not for me. Hope everyone who gets it enjoys it.

  6. yeesh. i look forward to SDCC exclusives usually, because they used to get us stuff like Hellfire Club set or other nice big box sets. Emphasis on ‘used to’. Nowadays its much easier to get them online than in the old days. But… they’re not nearly as worth getting.

    So far Chuckles is the only exclusive I’m after!

  7. This is a perfect exclusive because you don’t have to have it. It’s just “nice if you can get it.”

  8. wow. thats about as lazy an exclusive as the Star Wars ones from yesterday…

    one hopes there’s a ML box set still to come!

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