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Fwoosh Toys: Ninja Scroll Teaser 7

As we get closer and closer to SDCC, we have another Ninja Scroll teaser for you, and it’s a colorful one at that.

Please enjoy these painted 3D prints of Jubei displaying at SDCC next week (July 20-23). Hopefully these give an idea of where we are headed in terms of some of the color palettes we are working toward.

Please note:

  • These colors aren’t approved yet, and it is always a challenge to go from tech sheet to product! Refinements are still being made.
  • Remember that these are resin PROTOTYPES and are not as functional as final plastic action figures. These are delicately assembled to give you a general sense of the work we are doing, we know that Jubei’s hair is currently sitting a little high on the head due to assembly limitations. Don’t worry – the final product will be more accurate and we will share more updates as we move through the process.

We just couldn’t wait to share these with you. We will, of course, have more to show soon, and we will share information about where you can see these live and in person if you are going to SDCC next week. Stay tuned!

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