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Frazetta Girls: Fire and Ice Dark Wolf Action Figure Available For Pre-Order

Step into a fantastical world, unlike anything witnessed before, where fierce warriors, strange monsters, and villainous rulers engage in a struggle for the fate of a civilization.

In this adventurous collaboration between Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta, it is a time of contrasting forces—good and evil, pleasure and pain—where Fire and Ice clash.

Frazetta Girls is proud to present – Dark Wolf 1:12 scale fully articulated action figure based on the motion picture Fire and Ice by Ralph Bakshi and Frank Frazetta. The first in a new line of action figures based on the 80’s cult movie. 


Featuring: 32 points of articulation, battle axe, bow, three arrows, three sets of hands, three facial expressions, removable gear all in collector friendly packaging.

*Project Manager Eamon O’Donoghue will be showing these figures off to the public at PowerCon in Columbus Ohio August 11-13!

30 thoughts on “Frazetta Girls: Fire and Ice Dark Wolf Action Figure Available For Pre-Order

  1. No, I don’t see Mythic Legions at all. They come with armor options, not the minimal accessories here.

  2. Between this and Savage Crucible, I think we’re in for some great Frazetta characters in figure form!

  3. Is there anything stopping Frazetta Girls from making a Conan figure? Other than the Conan license? Just based on price, I’d rather get a Frazetta Girls Conan figure than a Mezco.

  4. I think I’ll wait until after I see the figure at Power-Con to order. But so far its looking pretty good. There is the opportunity to get some amazing fantasy figures if this line finds its legs.

  5. Sarah Frazetta runs Frazetta Girls, they own most of the estate and are based in Florida. The Boca Grande location was actually opened by Frank Frazetta himself before his PA musuem, and was also his residence there. Both parties worked with Mezco.

  6. I don’t see anything even remotely resembling a Masterverse figure here. I get more Mythic Legions vibes from it myself.

  7. I admit that I wasn’t sure who made the deal with Mezco and made a guess based on Frank Jr.’s deal with Sideshow to sell art prints. I also know that Frank Jr. and Holly both run their own respective Frazetta museums and that they also sell prints and other memorabilia of their father’s work-often of the same pieces, but that the items will differ in size or some other aspect. Please let me know what I got wrong, Eamon.

  8. It’s not my place to get into that stuff but you have got some things wrong there. 🙂

  9. Cool. Look forward to the rest of the Fire and Ice cast, and anything else in the realm of possibility.

  10. The XesRay figures are the only other figures I know of with good examples of shoulder swivel.

  11. Biceps don’t swivel either but having both swivels on shoulder and elbow I think more than compensates. 🙂

  12. Thank you for the breakdown on the estate. I’ve only been familiar with Frazetta Girls. They were pushing the Mezco Conans, so I figured it was their domain.


  13. There’s two factions of the Frazetta estate with equal legal claim to
    Frank’s works: His son’s family and his daughter’s family (Frazetta
    Girls). As I understand the legal side of it, Frank’s son can make a
    deal with Mezco and Frank’s daughter can put out an action figure, and
    as long as they aren’t the same, there’s no issues. There’s also the
    Ralph Bakshi element to consider with regard to Fire and Ice, as well.

  14. I’m curious if the Frazetta estate is going forward with their own line and no longer working with Mezco.

  15. Can you expand on shoulder swivel? I’m sure I have a figure with it but I can’t exactly picture what that means.


  16. Good to know about the shoulder swivel. Curious how much range it gets. I hate elbow swivel. Elbows can’t swivel, so it always just looks like a broken arm when turned there.

  17. Not really digging this outside of looking like a well painted Masterverse. I’ll see how the girl turns out.

  18. Damn, I jumped on the Frazetta Girls pre-order too quick. I would much rather order w/BBTS!

  19. There is a shoulder swivel instead of an bicep swivel. There is also swivel at the elbows.

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