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Boss Fight Studio: Fraggle Rock Flange Doozer First Look

People – it is almost time. Almost time to dance our cares away with the first REAL Fraggle Rock action figure line.

Thanks to Boss Fight Studio, there is a preview figure coming our way ahead of series one, and we are fortunate to be able to bring you an early look at that early figure – Flange Doozer! The full Fraggle Rock line is shaping up to be something special, and BFS has provided a recent update to the production status, so the first series will be here before we know it. But still not soon enough!

Flange Doozer is really a perfect preview for the line, and if he is any indication, Fraggle Rock is another property that is being taken of very well via the team at Boss Fight. I had a chance to talk to BFS’s Andrew Franks about the line and property a few months ago, and you can instantly tell there is a lot care and respect for the property – is always good to hear. I am very wary to call anyone a “hero,” so I do not throw that word around lightly – but Jim Henson is definitely a hero of mine. So, seeing another line based off of his creations (along with the revered Palisades Toys Muppets line) shaping up to be a standout is really special.

Flange not only sets the tone for the Doozers, but for what we can expect from the actual Fraggles in this line. The sculpting work is, as is always with the case with BFS, top-notch, and the articulation is meaningful and useful without taking away from the aesthetic of the figure. Flange is little, about three inches tall, but there is no sacrificing on the details and care/engineering of the joints with him. There are some TINY sculpting and paint details, particularly in the belt, calculator, and walkie-talkie, and everything on this sample came through the production cycle very well.

His hard hat is removable and it sits down on his head just right so you cannot see his eyes when looking straight on, so that is an important little detail that is very much appreciated for those who know and love the Fraggles. He is also able to hold all of this accessories well, something that I always look for, and he can store his two hammers in his belts. He also has a subtle bit of the “Muppet texture” to him – not quite as apparent as the Palisades line – but it is there and again, appreciated. I am very much looking forward to seeing how this detail comes through on the Fraggles.

Finally, if you watch my chat with Andrew, you will know that BFS is handling the Doozers at two different scales. There will be smaller Doozers that scale directly with the Fraggles figures, but Flange (and the upcoming Cotterpin and Architect) gets one of these larger figures to do the character full justice in action figure form. I think this is a great strategy, honestly. It gives those of us who want smaller versions, but also proper figures the options, but if you just want the smaller pack-in Doozers, those are going to be available, too.

2023 is a great year for grail lines for me, if I am being selfish. Jada is giving us Mega Man, and Boss Fight is delivering Fraggle Rock – what an awesome time. Flange Doozer is a wonderful preview figure, and he is already setting the standard for what we can expect. He will be out a little ahead of series one, and it sounds like he is going to be shipping soon, so be sure to get yours pre-ordered right away. This is going to be so much fun, and I can’t wait to see where BFS takes us next!

*Thanks to Boss Fight for sending this sample along for an early look