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Mattel: Masters of the Universe Masterverse New Eternia Deluxe Clawful

This Clawful does something I’ve wanted from a Clawful since Clawful first clawed his way onto the scene.

The original figure? Spring loaded claw. Which is fine. MOtU was all about the gimmick, and that made sense. MotU Classics carried over that gimmick. Then MotU Origins continued the trend of spring-loading the crap out of that claw.

And here I was wanting nothing more than an articulated, non-spring-loaded claw. I didn’t want a spring dictating the clawsomeness of my Clawful figure any more. Heck, I never did, but action-feature gimmicks that were baked into the line from the beginning were always necessary evils to me.

So along comes the Masterverse line, which is continuing to put out completely badass versions of the MotU characters, and it has an articulated claw. Actually, it has two…two articulated claws.

Ah ah Ah.

Any limitations imposed on previous Clawful figures due to the spring-loading gimmick have been eradicated in this version, which makes this by default my favorite version of Clawful. Don’t get me wrong, I love my vintage figure, I love the Origins figure, and I love the Classics figure. Each of these lines have provided me with something different and necessary over time. I know the limitations and the purpose of each.

But this time around Clawful is as fully playable as I’ve wanted him to be all along.

In case you can’t tell, I really like the articulated claws. I like them as much as Mr. Burns loves his vest. And that reference (one many people might not even get) is older than I care to think about, so let’s just move along.

In his stripped-down form, this Clawful figure has all the hallmarks of the vintage figure. But being part of the Masterverse New Eternia initiative, there are some extras elements included in case you want to go with a different feel.

There’s an extra chest harness, and a back piece that snaps in place, along with an arm band. All of these give him a slightly crabbier appearance. If I’m being honest, I genuinely like the look of him with the additional elements. It gives him a nice, imposing extra heft to his overall look. I will default to his regular appearance due to my own vintage purist bias, but the “New Eternia” updating is very appealing.

He comes with his vintage-accurate green mace, and a shield. I don’t think I ever used the vintage figure’s mace. His claws always felt like enough weapon for him. The inclusion here is nice, though.

The head skews in a more 200x direction, eschewing the black eyebrows and wider eyes of the vintage figure. Back when Classics was a thing, I remember a lot of people shit themselves over Clawful’s vintage head and how “muppety” it was, so this will alleviate some of that. While I am a fan of the vintage head, this head style works very well for his overall look.

Mainly he has articulated claws. I love it.