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Fwoosh Toys: Ninja Scroll Teaser 3

We have been telling you a bit about the upcoming Ninja Scroll project, but now it is time to SHOW you something.

Please enjoy these renders of the digital sculpture that is currently being worked on. We will have lots more info to share and show over the next several weeks, so stay tuned for more!

5 thoughts on “Fwoosh Toys: Ninja Scroll Teaser 3

  1. Want want want! Glad to see yall are using different a different katana from the ones that came with your last Ninja/Samurai figures, those were far too long in the blade. I do however, wish the grip wasn’t so squared off, real katana have ovular grips.

  2. I didn’t know that I needed this until I started seeing these renders. Bring ’em on! 🔥

  3. You are doing the lord’s work, gentlemen. It’s going to be so satisfying to finally own the unique characters from this all-time classic anime. They were destined to be action figures. I know some toy companies had tried, but if they’re all gonna look as great as these Jubei renders, the decades of waiting will be worth it.

  4. Oh snap – Jubei looks great. Can’t wait to see the rest. Ninja Scroll is my favorite anime of all time. I still have my original VHS tape of it.

  5. I needed that hat for my Drunken Master. Ninja Scroll was one of me and my friends favorites back in the day. I remember the scene with the guy was walking and they zoomed in his eyes were sewn shut and he was stuffed with explosives. That was ill.

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