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Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Series Cover Girl Review

In what seems like an issue that is way more widespread than with any other offering in the line, I did end up getting a Cover Girl with misaligned face printing. I figured I should point that out upfront, because it’s really my only issue with the figure.

It’s a pretty disappointing issue, and shouldn’t be a thing, so hopefully whatever went wrong at the factory doesn’t become a regular occurrence. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a running change on these and early copies just got unlucky or what. Her lipstick and left eye look a little like Homer was about to shoot her in the face with his makeup shotgun but she turned her face at the last possible second. I’m more than likely going to give her face a repaint. Regardless, look ye upon the misaligned face and recoil in astonishment:

I actually like the sculpt under the paint. It has a certain angular exotic model quality, which feels appropriate.

I’d have to look through my vintage file cards (which I’ve kept in order of purchase all these years), but I believe Cover Girl was somewhere within the first ten Joes I got. To be honest, the fact that she was a vehicle driver had a lot to do with it. And the fact that the Wolverine was basically a missile launcher on treads might have been the coolest thing ever. All of those early vehicles made me lose my mind with how cool they were. Cover Girl spent quite a bit of her action figure time slotted into the rolling engine of kablammo.

I have done my best to replicate those living room adventures of Cover Girl and the Wolverine with the following picture:

Cobra is shaking in their booties.

Misaligned face print aside, this is otherwise an excellent figure. The hips were completely accommodating, and moved with no issue. She’s got a great range in her double wobble torso, and those double-jointed elbows make all the difference in female action figure fun.

One of my favorite things about bringing the Joes into the fully articulated six-inch land is that all the things that were solid sculpt are now no longer trapped in colored plastic chunks. Cover Girl’s jacket is now a separate piece. She has a working holster. Her belt is a separate piece as well. It’s the little things that have evolved over time that make these like they were when I was a kid, but so much better.

The vintage Cover Girl came with no weapons, because her tank was her weapon. Sometimes—very occasionally–the vehicle drivers came with weapons, but it seemed like more often than not they didn’t. Wild Bill didn’t. Cover Girl didn’t. Clutch didn’t. Steeler, however, did. But since she’s on her own with no tank to back her up, this time around she gets some decent weapons. She gets a handgun that fits into her holster, and she gets a shotgun. That’s a pretty decent amount of stopping power. You can just pretend that the Wolverine got blown up in the middle of combat.

Of course, if she really wanted to attempt to repair the (invisible) thing, she comes with a wrench, which also fits into a slot on the back of her belt. I don’t know why, but I really love the wrench. Wrenches can solver the world’s problem. Or they can be thrown into plans and screw them up. That’s science.

Finally, she comes with a data pad. I’m not entirely sure if it’s for diagnostic purposes or remote control. There’s front and side shot of the Wolverine on it, so I’d like to think it’s for remote controlling the tank. When you care enough to send the very best…from a long distance.

I’d probably just play Pac-man on it…

Good figure. Bad face print, but good figure.

10 thoughts on “Hasbro: G.I. Joe Classified Series Cover Girl Review

  1. Super Sorrell posted a short on YouTube and his Cover Girl has arms that fall off at the bicep with little more than a glance at them.

  2. Oof. Waiting on mine to ship from Amazon but if its this bad, it will be going back.

  3. While I agree generally, I certainly wouldn’t blame anyone feeling aggrieved with this particular example. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, my CG came out fine. Looking at those pics, oooof, she looks like she’s had a left hook from Tyson Fury or something.

  4. Dear god. Thank goodness Plastic free packaging is dead. Hasbro QC is just all over the place.

  5. This could hqve been such a great figure, but decided to mess everything from prototype to production. Why? No one will know since that team does not show any sign of communication with fans, unfortunately.

  6. Yeah… that’s a no for me, sorry. Skipping this one completely. Glad they’re bringing back windowed packaging.

  7. Sometimes these extreme high resolution close ups make it seem worse than what it really is.

  8. Ouch. The face print on yours is pretty bad. Mine fortunately did not suffer that problem, if it had been as bad as the one you reviewed is, I’d definitely be considering a return.

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