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Humanity Peaked With a Watch That Turned into a Robot

Some things are so cool that their entire existence needs to be sealed into a spacetime bubble and protected in a galactic museum somewhere. And sometimes the palpable sting of jealousy that one feels towards another can send one into a state of vibrating apoplexy that the universe itself shudders in sympathy.

It was a watch that turned into a robot, and I wanted one so bad I could lick it. Because, as I said, and will continue to say as this article drags on, it was a watch that turned into a robot, and that idea—a toy that you can strap around your wrist, and it also TELLS YOU THE TIME???—was pure brilliance.  

I was a kid throughout the 80s, and I had a watch. At one point, I had two. I wore a black one on one wrist, and I wore a red one on the other. Sometimes other kids would ask me why I wore two watches. The truth was that they had both been gifts from my parents and I wanted to wear them both. But what I said each and every time was that sometimes I needed a second opinion.

Yes, I gave that answer every time. And yes, the rolling of eyes in response to that answer was a reward unto itself.

My watch(es) were just watches. They told me the time. There were, of course, watches that also had calculators on them. Yes, the calculator watch, despite being forged out of pure Nerdonium, was the pinnacle of watch technology at the time. Sure, Tony Stark’s watch could hack into SHIELD’s ultra-top secret encrypted files, but could you make it say BOOBS with a few numbers?

Well, maybe…

But still, as super-high-tech as a calculator watch was, it couldn’t compare to a WATCH THAT TURNED INTO A ROBOT.

I wanted one as hard as one could possibly want a timepiece toy. But it was not to be. Circumstances, I was a victim of. I had a friend at school that had one. He also had a calculator watch, because apparently the dude just liked living on the edge. But it was the robot watch that I was jealous of.

At any time during class, that motherhumper could just pop off that watchface and have a damned robot with a few transformations.

How the hell did I make it through any class without a watch that turned into a robot? How did I live with myself?

How did I function?

They came in a variety of colors. If my memory is correct, my friend had a black one. Which…that was cool. But there was a red one.

A red watch…that turns into a robot? My favorite color combined with a robot, combined with the cure to classroom boredom, all wrapped up in a tiny package that I could wrap around my wrist.

The future, she was so close.

But it was not to be.

I had to be content to be adjacent to the kid that had a calculator watch and a watch that turned into a robot.

I had a pen that turned into a robot.

And that was cool, don’t get me wrong. But it was no watch that turned into a robot.

Few things were.

Few things are.

9 thoughts on “Humanity Peaked With a Watch That Turned into a Robot

  1. I remember this! My mum bought me the red one before, and I LOVED IT. Thanks for the nostalgia.

  2. I had one and I remember loving it, but strangely I can’t remember ANY details about it. What color it was, when I got it, what the brand was. It all escapes me.

  3. I had two of them, and still have at least one of them in my collection that I’ve kept with me since leaving home decades ago. Specifically, the silver/chrome Takara one scene in two of your photos here. Great memories!

  4. That ad showed up in many a comic book during the mid-80s. It looked awesome but I never got one either.

  5. oh my god! I completely forgot these even existed! I remember having one…. in… ’83? ’84?
    Had the black and silver ones. Off to eBay I go!

    The pen I do not remember at all…

  6. I remember this extremely well since i was a lost cause when it came to reading an analog clock in kindergarten. My dad got me the blue one. He had the silver one. We use to pretend they where dick tracy two way communicators. We should shoot imaginary gansters in the parks. I wasn’t super into transformers, but my dad liked em and used me as an excuse to buy them. I miss him alot around this time of year…

    I did love my “clock bot”. He was pals with my “Turbo teen” McDonald’s red Gobot. It was nice, but distracting in class to me and becme a problem for me and my difficulties paying attention in class

  7. I really don’t remember all those colors, just the Black one and the grey one and I think the blue one but I am not sure. Had I known about the green one I know i would have begged for that one. If I had the robot watch and the robot pen, I would have probably gotten them taken by the teacher at school, then turned over to my mother never to be seen again. I lost my fair share of toys that way. Imagine the cool tech they could jam in to one of those now? Man I loved being a kid in the 80’s.

  8. I too had one, until that fateful day when I put on my winter coat to fight off the Northern California winter chill and the robot dislodged itself from the band and disappeared into the school yard, never to be seen again.

    I spent hours (probably minutes) looking for that little guy through my 7 year old tears, but alas, he was mine no more. Off to plot destruction among the other lost toys or to continue the adventures with some other jerk who had no idea how amazing this little friend was when he was clipped loosely into a plastic watch band around a 2nd grader’s wrist.

    Thanks for reminding me of my first real loss… after my grandpa dying when I was 4, of course.

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