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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Wicket Review

One two three and I come with the Wicket Style, and I’m from the Wicket Crew, act like you knew.

It wasn’t until I first logged on to that wonderful invention known as the internet that I learned–as oblivious as I can sometimes be about the opinions of the world–that there were people who hated the Ewoks, and people who didn’t like Return of the Jedi because of the Ewoks.

I know, it’s crazy talk.

Personally, I’ve always fully embraced the appearance of cannibal murderbears in the Star Wars universe. I liked them in the movie, and I liked them on Saturday morning when the continuing adventures of suddenly verbose Wicket and Friends started happening.

It has been a long time since I watched the two Ewok made-for-TV movies, but I think I was entertained well enough. I definitely need to rewatch those at some point.

So yeah, I have never had an issue, and I’ve been quasi-patiently awaiting them in the Black series. After ten years, they have begun slooooowly rolling out their Ewoks. With the debut of Wicket, we now have a grand total of three.

Wicket has always been the most well-known of the Ewoks. He even has a full name: Wicket Wystri Warrick. That’s mainly so his mother will have three things to yell out whenever he gets into trouble.

The figure itself looks great. It has all the character of Wicket from the movies, from his stature to his expressively terrifying yet somehow adorable while simultaneously soul-swallowing face. That’s a lot to ask of a tiny sculpt, but it nails it.

You can remove Wicket’s clothes if you’re into nude Ewoks. Once the hood is removed, the drybrushing makes Wicket looks like a Frosted Mini Wheat. Just add milk. Deeeelicious.

I am about to say two things. That, for me, are contradictory. The first thing is the obvious: due to his stature, he is slight on articulation. The second thing is that when moving him around, I found his articulation completely acceptable relative to what he can do/who he is.

For instance, he doesn’t have knees, but since Wicket kind of tottered around without bending his knees, I don’t find myself missing knee articulation. I usually like my figures to be able to do more than their on-screen counterparts, but the legs work fine for me with what they can do.

I know, I feel dirty, but with the length of his legs, I don’t think knee articulation would have added much. And I’m a guy that likes everything to be articulated like a ninja.

He has single jointed elbows, a very good torso wobble and neck motion that it mainly restricted by the hood. You can turn his head a bit, but the torso articulation will be doing the bulk of the work of upper movement.

The articulation scheme does end up hindering two things. I couldn’t quite get him to grip his staff in two hands in a pointing gesture as well as I’d like, and he doesn’t hold his bow and arrow completely convincingly.

But outside of that, he’s just a cute little ball of Ewok homicide.

As I said, he comes with a spear, bow and arrow, club, and I think an unlit torch, although it might be another club. It works either way.

I like this figure a lot. While there is no hint of them on the horizon, I’m hoping that more Ewoks are on the way. I only had Chief Chirpa when I was a kid, so I’ve got a specific nostalgia towards him, but I’m up for any of them. Murderbears!

16 thoughts on “Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Wicket Review

  1. Wicket deserved far better deco than he was given. At his small size compared to other figures in the line, you would think more expense would have been allowed for it. At least since they no longer cost average figures to budget waves.

    After some repaint…

    I don’t think he liked where the holding clip was placed…

    YUB NUB!

  2. Great dio shots! I totally agree about the articulation. I was a little annoyed they skipped knees when I saw the original pics, but it works for this character.

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