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Hasbro: Indiana Jones Adventures Series Fanstream Reveals 01/11/23

4 thoughts on “Hasbro: Indiana Jones Adventures Series Fanstream Reveals 01/11/23

  1. I just came here to say that. Hasbro did say if Indy 5 every happens they’d continue the 3-3/4″ line but that was said 15-years ago! I loved that scale line and managed to get all the figures. I’d even take 5-POA stuff. At least the 6″ is starting classic with TOD (my favorite of the films) on deck. Battle-ravaged Indy with Short Round are bought for sure!

  2. I hope they make all the characters in this scale and style and don’t quit after one year without Mola Ram, Henry Sr, Sallah, Marcus, the Pat Roach characters, Elsa, regular suit Belloq, Vogel, Dietrich, young Indy, Willie, and for sure Dr. Col. Spalko. I’d even like Mutt and Ox too, but if I can only have one Crystal Skull it’s a solid evil Cate Blanchett for the win.

  3. ohhh I wish they had a 3 3/4 line to fill in gaps of my existing collection! That Donovan would be great there. (He’s the most glaring gap, along with Dietrich.) But I just can’t start a new 6 inch collection. Especially since I fear there will be even bigger gaps left there because I also worry that the new movie will be a disaster and the line will fail, so there won’t be a comprehensive collection in that scale.

    I could go for a few more figures done in the retro style from the other movies. I’d want Mola Ram, Dr. Jones Sr, and a Crystal alien, myself 🙂 but… I doubt that will happen (especially the last).

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