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Hasbro: Dungeons & Dragons 40th Anniversary Hank and Diana Gallery and Unboxing Video

Fear not, Ranger and Acrobat! After years of thinking we would never get action figures from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, Hasbro is celebrating the 40th anniversary in style. We are kicking off our features with a look at Hank and Diana!

Yes, I realize that 2023 is the actual 40th anniversary, but I am glad these shipped from our pals at Big Bad Toy Store just a little early. Bobby and Uni look to ship any day now, and then we will just be waiting on the Venger and Dungeon Master Target exclusive to round out the first series. Now, the hope is that next year will bring a lot MORE D&D stuff for us (NECA is joining the party with Ultimate figures based on the original 1980s toy line designs), so I am going to waiting VERY impatiently for the announcement of Shiela, Eric, and Presto at the very least to continue this line.

It is so exciting to be getting these, and if you checked out the latest FwooshCast Live! over the weekend, we did an unboxing and run-through of both figures. You can check it out below. We look at the articulation, scale, etc., and Robo even provides his best imitation of Uni, so don’t miss it. The conversation begins at about the seven-minute mark.

I wanted to include some pictures here as well, with a few notes.

This line is fully pinless in terms of the joints, and while it doesn’t hit the same amount of points of articulation as Marvel Legends, both of these figures move pretty well. I wish there were double-elbows and some butterfly joints. I know that a pretty standard thing to say, but those would particularly help Hank hold his bow in a more natural/convincing firing pose.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the scale of these figures as I was originally assuming they would be relatively small compared to most other 1:12-ish lines from Hasbro. However, as these are kids, I think these actually fit better with 1:10 figures (or the “hero scale” of Marvel Legends). That is exciting to me because, while the styles might be different, these might just fit just right with the upcoming NECA figures, and that could be a LOT of fun.

I think most D&D fans will be into these. Like I said, I wish there were a few more joints, and that some of the existing joints got a bit more range of movement, but nothing is bad here. A few more accessories/swappable parts would be been cool, too, but that is a smaller nitpick.

Don’t sleep on the packaging, either – I think this is my favorite of the “plastic free” boxes so far. The artwork is VERY much in tune to the style of cartoon, and the spines will make a full picture when they are all together.

These are fun! It is an exciting time to be a D&D fan and action figure collector, so I cannot wait to see what is next. As I said, BBTS is shipping these now, but they should be hitting more places soon.