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Boss Fight Studio: Umbrella Academy Wave 1 Review

Umbrella Academy made the leap from comic to a Netflix Show, and now it’s making the leap to a brand new series of 1/18th scale figures. Let’s take a look at the first four figures from Boss Fight Studio.

I will admit upfront to not having a ton of knowledge about the property, but a quick familiarization shows that it’s a twist on the standard “super-powered individuals learning how to use their powers.” Except in this instance, the powers are quirky, and the situations are slightly more askew than usual.

The first wave features three good guys and one villain.

Season One Vanya:

Vanya’s power deal with the manipulation of sound, to devastating effect. First off, I think this is the first figure I’ve ever had that can hold a violin realistically. Actually, it may be the only figure I have with a violin. But either way, the violin convincingly fits under the chin, and the fingers even look like they’re making a chord. The bow itself is a little loose in the grip, but you can get it to stay if you place it in between the thumb and forefinger.

The articulation is swivel hinge elbows and double-jointed knees. There is a joint underneath the jacket, but it is fairly restricted by the jacket. The ankles have a disc-hinge ball with the forward facing peg like Marvel Legends figures have, so there is plenty of ankle movement.

The sculpting on the figure is excellent, and there’s a pretty good likeness at this scale.

For accessories, the figure comes with violin, bow, what appears to be an autobiographical book, a pair of grip hands, a pair of violin-playing hands, an umbrella and a stand. There are two heads, one with a calmer expression and hair, and another with more “active” hair and what appears to be powered-up eyes.


Diego is able to control the trajectory of items that either he throws or that are in motion, like knives or bullets. Diego’s overall aesthetic might be my favorite of the bunch, mainly because the all-black attire gives me some sideways Snake-Eyes vibes. Like all the figures, he has the same articulation setup, but with better motion in the torso region. I really like the ankle articulation, and it’s well-hidden in the sculpt.

I dig all the various sculptwork on the figure, from the ribbed shirt to the wrinkled pants.   

Diego comes with three throwing knives and a little carrying case that they can be inserted into. You can snap the case closed, but I do worry that repeated opening and shutting of the case might stress the plastic. There are two heads—masked and unmasked—a pair of grip hands, a pair of two-fingers extended hands, a closed umbrella and a stand.


Klaus has the power to communicate with and control spirits, a healing factor and can apparently can self-resurrect. That seems handy.

Klaus features the same articulation scheme, but seems to have even better range of motion in the torso than Diego. Again, the sculptwork is great, with intricate stitching and wrinkles in the vest. The paint on his striped shirt is impeccable.

Klaus comes with two sets of hands: open hands with “Hello” and “Goodbye” tattooed on them, and two grip hands. There’s also a bottle and a flask to facilitate getting drunk as much as possible, a closed umbrella and a stand. The umbrella is unique among the three as it’s clear with a pink handle.


A time-traveling assassin, Cha-Cha is super-strong and super durable. The standard articulation scheme carries over, but as impeded as Vanya’s in the torso due to the jacket overlay. But everything else works well.

Being a contract killer, Cha-cha of course comes with some guns, and both the submachine gun and the pistol can be carried in the trigger hands. There’s also a pointing hand and a gesturing hand. I’m not sure if there’s a specific significance with them, but they do a good job at adding a bit of expressiveness, if that’s what you’re into. In addition, there’s a pneumatic tube, a briefcase and a stand. There’s a standard unmasked head and a pink cartoonish puppy dog head that is giving me some serious Fortnite vibes. I love the juxtaposition of the mask and the weaponry. Who’s a cute little killer! Who’s a cute little killer!

Overall this is a very nice set of figures!

*Thanks to Boss Fight Studio For sending these out for Review!