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Top Five: Masters of the Universe Origins Most Wanted

It is unfair to say that Masters of the Universe Origins is having sneaky good year. I mean, the figures have been amazing, they have been releasing in regular fashion, there are vehicles and play sets, oh, and a successful crowdfunding campaign. Yeah, I would say Origins has had a good year. But there could be more!

MOTU Classics will always be my true love, but I am so happy to be so happy with MOTUO – this line is just so much fun. Like so many lines, it took a little bit for it to find its footing, but now that it has hit its stride, there is so much to love. I called it out above, but there are few (if any) modern action figures lines offering so much in terms of variety, but also in expressions. Vehicles. Play sets. These are things that are just normally understood as required absences due to costs and logistics, but Origins is bringing it all, and collectors are winning because of it.

We are wrapping up what is probably the biggest year for the line yet – with things like the introduction of the Sun Man characters and friggin’ ETERNIA joining the ranks, there is something for everyone. 2023 is looking to be extremely intriguing as well, so I am excited to see what we are going to get in terms of new characters. There is still a good deal of the MOTU vintage line-up to recreate, but there are a lot of other avenues open, too.

So, this late in the year time often makes me want to create lists, so here is my top five for most-wanted in the Origins line. I am going to keep play sets and vehicles off of this for now and just keep it to the figures, but I might come back around to have a list for those, too. Things are really clicking right now, but there are still several things that can be unlocked, so lets take a look.


I don’t need to say a whole lot here in terms of justifying the importance of Eldor, or He-Ro for that matter, but we desperately need both of these in the Origins line. Sure, they have shown up in other MOTU action figure lines since missing the vintage so long ago, but Origins seems like the true spiritual successor to the original line, so getting them here has a touch more urgency to it. I chose Eldor because he is the more interesting character to me, but also because He-Ro just got a Masterverse figure, so let’s start with Eldor in Origins.


MORE FILMATION! MORE FILMATION! Yes, the emphasis of Origins SHOULD be on the recreation of the vintage line, but… we will continue to need other avenues and characters to stretch the line out, and we have already seen Kol-Darr, so the door seems to be open. I choose Evilseed here because he is by far one of my favorite Filmation-originating characters, and his design is just amazing. I feel like guys like Lizard Man and Strong Arm more easily lend their designs to the line, so those feel more likely. However, Evilseed is bad ass bad guy who will take everyone on, and he now has a pretty great action figure legacy that needs to be continued in Origins.


Hear me out here. I realize that when it comes to MOTU movie figures, we have not even seen Blade, Saurod (oh boy, do I want him), or Gwildor yet in Origins, and they had vintage figures. However, the “William Stout” collection semi-loophole that Super7 first exploited and now Mattel is doing in the Masterverse line is interesting, and I want to see it extended here. So, to show that they are serious about that, let’s see Karg, and let’s see him first. He’s got a great design, and since he never had a vintage figure, making an Origins version of him would show that Mattel is willing to run with the Stout designed figures here, and that could be a REALLY awesome thing.


Frosta is on this list because she is my favorite Princess of Power character, but she also represents that entire corner of the comprehensive MOTU-verse. Sure, we have She-Ra, but a one-off isn’t proof that Mattel is going to support these characters on the whole. We need the PoP characters, and frankly, they need to be based on their vintage figure/doll designs. I am more of a fan of the Filmation looks, but I got those in MOTU Classics (thankfully), and because Origins is a tribute line to the vintage, it should follow here. She-Ra already did it. 

I get it, this is mass-market line, and one that Mattel is trying to keep marketed towards kids as well as collectors. As such, the female characters are bit of a harder sell. However, with the reuse formula of the line, and the ability to extend releases to (to borrow a silly term from their biggest competitor) “fan channel” outlets and Mattel Creations, makes these possible. If this is going to make a run at being one of the best MOTU lines ever, these characters need to be included, and frankly, there aren’t even a whole lot for them to get through. If you would rather see Catra in this slot, fine – but let’s just get it started.


Yeah, yeah – this is probably a let down as a number one simply because Spikor is as much of a lock for this line as any outstanding character. Heck, he has even been on a few rumored lists for 2023, and that is fine. Actually, that is great! However, since he is my favorite MOTU character not named Mer-Man, he is going to be in this slot until he is released. I think the success of MOTUO pretty much locks in the fact that the vintage MOTU line is going to be completed (which is why there aren’t more of those characters on this list), but this is my boy. There are few more deserving chapters at this point left to do, and thanks to the MOTU/WWE Junkyard Dog figure, the base spike “armor” piece is already in the tooling bank. I love Spikor and I want to see him right away so he can join the aforementioned Mer-Man, as well as Whiplash, Moss Man, and Scareglow as some of my all-time favorites back with new life in Origins.

This is my list, and I hope to knock at least a couple of these off the list in the coming months. Who do you want to see in the Masters of the Universe Origins line?