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NECA: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze Shredder Review

D’ere BABIES!!!

You know, timing can be everything. I have had a tough go of finding this TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze Shredder figure, and finally a friend was able to come through for me. The NECA Ninja Turtles movie figures are some of the finest pieces in my collection, so you better bet I am a completist. So, I am very glad to have this new version of the big bad.

As it turns out, because the universe likes to have a good chuckle, just a couple of days after this arrived in the mail, NECA announced that this Shredder will be available for order in their Black Friday Sale. Hey, that’s a good thing because this is a cool figure, and everyone who wants one should be able to get it. Better still, the Ooze Turtles look to be shipping soon as well, so we look to have a pretty great collection already before the end of 2022. Even though I am not the biggest fan of the movie, the TMNT II figures are just as amazing as the first movie figures, and frankly – getting that whole universe (TMNT III included) would be a pretty amazing achievement.

Not even the compactor in the back of a garbage truck (after a multiple story plummet, no less) could keep Shredder down, so when he came back in the second movie to get revenge on the Turtles, you knew he was series. Despite the tone of the movie. His misadventures led him on a dark path of playing around with mutagen ooze with flora, fauna, and himself – ultimately leading to his demise. We have already gotten several versions of the climactic Super Shredder, but this one represents old Oroku Saki as he appeared through most of the movie. You know, as “mama.”

Shredder’s look from movie one to two shifted a bit, and while he traded in his maroon togs for purple, the style remained pretty much the same, and that is reflected here. Much of this figure is based on the movie one version below the neck, and it all works fine for that. If you are familiar with it, you will note the nicely sculpted material patterns, but this time in royal purple. The bladed shin guard and gauntlets remain in place, but this version of Shredder does not have the hand blades.

Naturally, the head and helmet are markedly different on this figure from the previous to represent the changes in the movie design. The gold plates replace the chained look on the sides, the face mask is more open, and the saw blade pattern has been added to the crest pieces. Shredder also gets a new head sculpt, and it is highlighted by the new nicks and cuts on his face, likely from his adventure in the garbage truck. He also gets a fancy new cape, and the pattern match to the screen is every bit as true as the first one, but I find this cape to be nicer overall thanks to the better/more substantial material.

The accessories are really fun in this release, and (almost) all are pertinent to important scenes in the movie. We get a sword and sheath (that can be held int he elastic belt), as well as the new spear for weapons, and six swappable hands that help hold items and add expression. There is also a reissue of the “TGRI” mutagen canister, but this time with a brighter green paint job. The fun accessories are the little mutagen phial, and the mutated sunflower. I love that they thought to include the latter with this figure, and the details are very nice, so you will probably be wanting to display your figure holding it.

The Secret of the Ooze is really coming into its own in terms of plastic representation. Shredder, Tokka, and Rahzar are holding it down for the baddies, and the Turtles are coming soon. We know Keno is on his way at some point as well, but I have to wonder if a Paige Turco April or a Professor Perry might be in the cards as well. Nothing is ever off the table when it comes to NECA, so I am betting there is more to come.

Remember, if you don’t have this figure yet, be online at the NECA Store on Friday to get your order in.